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Never Get so Excited that You Pee on the Couch

I have become quite accomplished at doing several tricks. I must confess that my main motivation is because it involves getting dog cookies when I do a good job. 227 more words

General Comments

Holy Bleepin’ Griffy

It’s been awhile since Griffy has had antics worthy of a feature blog post. I’m actually quite grateful for that. I thought maybe….just maybe… we were starting to outgrow puppy bad-ness now that… 90 more words

All About Griffin

Bad or Clever?

Totally got caught trying to hide the fact that he threw up on the couch pillow today.  Oreo somehow wiped it on a blanket which he then pushed onto the floor, stain side down.   32 more words

Bichon Frisé

The story of a Mozambican dog

We have a Mozambican dog. This is a definitory statement. We have a Mozambican dog and that uses all our time. This is again a non running article. 1,162 more words

Non Running

Canis lupus weaselus- Pepper the Weasel-Dog

After about a week of owning Pepper as a puppy I nicknamed her “Weasel” because, well, she’s kind of weasely by nature. Mischief is her middle name and somehow she is always able to squeeze herself into the most bizarre places to find her mischief du jour. 368 more words


Not THAT Kind of Water

So remember my plants? The little half-dead seedlings from the Plant Hospital that my mom was helping me to resurrect? Well, it turns out they need… 332 more words