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Pepper is a Terrible Wing Woman, Part 2

I’ve come to realize that dipping one’s toes back into the dating pool is intimidating at the best of times, but I’ve been finding the process extra difficult recently.   741 more words


The Destroyer

So, a little backstory. I have to 2 room mates. So between the 3 of us there is no need for June to ever be alone for more than maybe 3 hours max. 131 more words

Pepper Is A Terrible Wingwoman

Hello my name is Pepper and I’m a Bad Dog.

I am trying really hard to be supportive for my person now that she is single, but apparently I’m going about it in the wrong way.   230 more words


The Jacket Thief

To start out “Animal Delight”, the first story comes from the author of Animal Culture, Kalie Lyn. She shares the true-life story of her freedom-loving dog, Juno, and to what lengths he will go to play outside. 580 more words

Animal Delight

Never Try to Eat Your Owners Teeth, It Makes Them Really Mad

The other day I was minding my own business (which is begging every time my mistress is eating anything) when I got into real trouble and learned a valuable lesson which I would now like to pass on to any other dog who might be interested. 205 more words

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Lazy Weekend...

I know it’s Tuesday but since yesterday was a holiday here in California, my weekend ran long. Thank you Cesar Chavez, I needed that extra day off (not to mention all the good work you did for farm workers). 341 more words