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TAG Episode 9: Villains

Bad guys, Rivals, Meanies and Villains. Talking about what we like about the people we shouldn’t.



In which I barely scratch the surface.

I love a good fairy tale retelling. I love the way these stories’ familiar elements—an apple for a Snow White story, long hair for Rapunzel—give us just enough information to recognize them, and to expect certain things from the retelling. 338 more words

Bad Guys

Can't quite put my finger on it...

Two pieces of evidence for you to peruse. First, it turns out that there are proportionally a whole lot of Saudis working for Daesh as suicide bombers: 384 more words


The jerk

By Mory Keita

He is the jerk, dreams of girls.

He is the charming prince in their reveries,

The bold superman who knows how to care. 168 more words

Love Poem

Material Witness: Bullies, Bastards & Bitches by Jessica Page Morrell

Hey, it’s Friday! That means it’s time to detain some Material Witnesses. This is a feature where I take a break from my usual crime & history book reviews to showcase something different! 482 more words

Creature Feature

Drama grab-bag

Let’s start with Discovery of Romance… What a nice surprise it turned out to be. My track record with the writer-nim hasn’t been stellar but this one sort of came out of nowhere and got me good, LOL! 744 more words


Just Bananas About: Week of 10/17/14

What a fascinating and gritty new drama on OCN.  It’s a weekly drama instead of the bi-weekly ones we’re used on the broadcast networks but so far I’ve been engrossed in the convicts catching criminals drama, … 677 more words