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To be fair, getting through 1/36 of a ceasefire is progress

The big news yesterday evening was that Israel and Hamas had agreed on a 72 hour “humanitarian” ceasefire, which is better than nothing, but let’s not kid ourselves; the only real “humanitarian” thing that can be done here is a full and indefinite stop to the violence. 1,342 more words


Receiving Help When You Have Bad Dreams

Last night was my first night camping in a yurt. Everything was going fine. It had been rainy and damp, but then the sun came out and there was a beautiful rainbow. 1,029 more words


Robin: Year One (Review/Retrospective)

23rd July is Batman Day, celebrating the character’s 75th anniversary. To celebrate, this July we’re taking a look at some new and classic Batman (and Batman related) stories. 2,732 more words


If an Ebola vaccine were as profitable as erection pills, we'd already have one

The ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa is easily the deadliest outbreak in the disease’s known* history, having infected a suspected 1323 people and having killed 729 of them. 917 more words


Mentally Imbalanced to a Spectacular Degree

3 Bowls of Popcorn (and paradise: tuxedos and margaritas) 

“You know the hardest thing about being smart? I always know what’s going to happen; there’s no suspense.” – Terry…

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3 Bowls

COUNTDOWN: Top 5 Star Trek Bad Guy Ships

As I have said previously Star Trek is more about ideas than action. It’s why J.J. Abrams always said he never got Star Trek because it was “too cerebral” for him. 600 more words

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