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Why is Evil Sexier than Good?

Now, don’t tell me you haven’t had the same thought. Sweetness and light is all very wonderful. But for some real excitement, nothing beats the… 2,314 more words

Spiritual Growth

OCN’s Bad Guys episode 4

This episode of Bad Guys was brought to you by the good people over at Quiznos.

Make any hospital visit a toastier one with Quiznos. 1,300 more words


Is the battlefield shifting again in Syria?

Remember how our friends, the moderate Syrian rebels, got mad at the U.S. for bombing targets associated with Jabhat al-Nusra in addition to ISIS targets, because they all said that Nusra was their ally against Assad (and let’s not lose sight of… 571 more words


Yoon Hyeong-ryeol (윤형렬) - Break Up

Bad Guys OST - Part 1" href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hF4U5Flagfw"Part 1]

모든게 내겐 의미없어
가슴 속 꿈들도 희미해져
차가운 세상 숨막히는 시간
짙은 어둠속을 달려가

나에게 남은 건 아픈 기억들과 179 more words


Bad Guys: Blurred Lines

The theme of corruption in the police force is a common one in crime thrillers. After all, policemen (and women) are humans too…and humans are fallible. 664 more words


Iran reckons with its misogynist vice groups

Just to prove that I’m not one of those liberals (whoever they are, I mean Sam Harris and Bill Maher said they exist so obviously they must really exist and not just be made up) who ignores the Islamic world’s massive problem with gender relations, let’s talk about a remarkable… 886 more words


One reason why torture matters

Amidst this fantastic New York Times report on the conditions under which James Foley and his fellow Daesh captives were held, we learn that not only did the extremist group torture its prisoners, but that it did so in ways that explicitly echoed American treatment of suspected terrorist detainees: 127 more words