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It's good to be bad...

Heroes, without villains, would be unemployed.

No “Good” without “Evil”, no triumph if there is no Nemesis to vainquish. Stories would be so boring if the bad guys, the evil ones, antagonists, do not exist. 288 more words

Bad Guys

Villains Introduction

Last time I said I was going to telling about my characters before starting my story so right now I want to Introduce you to all my Bad guys to avoid spoiling a lot of the story i only put small info about all of them and just like everything ever created came form something else so I am going to list some of the inspiration for some of the characters, 1,127 more words


Almost beyond ridicule

Boko Haram is riding pretty high right now. In the aftermath of its horrific massacre of the village of Baga, which consolidated its control over Nigeria’s northeastern Borno Province, the group has started… 260 more words


Review: Bad Guys (2014)

Bad Guys got an all-around thumbs-up at the end of the year review blitzkrieg which made me poke my head out of the primarily romcom pools I’ve been recently (quite happily) submerged in. 1,398 more words




First Appearance: Journey into Mystery #85 (1962)
Team: Evil Gods of Asgard
Real Name: NA

Level: 15
Favourite Enemy: Thor,
Favourite Ally: Enchantress, Cobra, Mr.Hyde… 881 more words

Bad Guys



First Appearance: Journey into Mystery#83 (1962)
Team: Stone Men of Saturn
Real Name: NA

Level:8 (4 slots)
Favourite Enemy: Thor, Hulk
Favourite Ally: Korg… 362 more words

Bad Guys

What is a hero?

Lately on social media I’ve seen a lot of discussion about what a “true hero” is.  If you look it up you find a hero is either someone other’s admire for their qualities, or a sub sandwich.   504 more words