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Recap & Thoughts on OCN's Bad Guys episode 3

“He not only dismembered her body, the victim’s organs are missing too.”


The show starts with a woman in a dark room that she can’t escape from. 721 more words


Wanker of the holiday season

I’m not on the “wanker of the day” committee, but surely the rich person who wrote to Slate’s “Dear Prudence” column in dismay at the thought of having to give Halloween candy to poor children is a strong front-runner, no?

Bad Guys

America's kafalah system

At Vox today, Dara Lind distills a report from The Urban Institute and Northwestern University on the underground forced labor market here in America, which in several respects sounds an awful lot like… 600 more words

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Bad Guys: The Redeemer

Apologies to my favourite crime author, Jo Nesbo, for stealing his title. I’d actually wanted to name this article as “The Pastor” , but in view that I may offend some people, decided to re-name it. 657 more words


TAG Episode 9: Villains

Bad guys, Rivals, Meanies and Villains. Talking about what we like about the people we shouldn’t.



In which I barely scratch the surface.

I love a good fairy tale retelling. I love the way these stories’ familiar elements—an apple for a Snow White story, long hair for Rapunzel—give us just enough information to recognize them, and to expect certain things from the retelling. 338 more words

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Can't quite put my finger on it...

Two pieces of evidence for you to peruse. First, it turns out that there are proportionally a whole lot of Saudis working for Daesh as suicide bombers: 384 more words