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Crime thriller 'Bad Guys' starring Park Hae Jin starts this Saturday on OCN

I’m surprised at the smaller amount of dramas that I watched this year, only 6 to be exact and that is mainly due to two reasons — my real life got busier and secondly, I’ve become an expert at dropping dramas like hot potato. 283 more words


A tale of two vice presidents

In Iraq, new Vice President Nouri al-Maliki (where have I heard that name before?) has been spending time in his new job making life difficult for the guy occupying his old job: 1,006 more words


Chasing Bad Guys

So a few years ago I was working as a police dispatcher. My oldest son was so excited. He was telling his friends at school that I got to tell police officers what to do. 91 more words


Bad guy stereotypes

When Star Wars: Rebels started unveiling their villains for the show, something struck me.  The bad guys are very recognizable as bad guys.  Look at characters like Darth Maul, General Grievous, and Asajj Ventress.   244 more words


Upcoming Dramas October 2014

October is here? ALREADY?! o_O

Being immersed in KDrama Universe can do that to you XD

Bad Guys:

OCN is a network that has honed their specialty in churning out crime/ thriller/ mystery dramas that are not short of grit and manly sweat.

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A Miniture Scale Something

We have a mini bad guy hideout. To know more about the miniture scale that this is built in, click on this:


Here’s the video:

Bad Guys

The trouble with definitions

The glaring problem with newly adopted UN Resolution 2178, dealing with the movement of “foreign terrorist fighters” around the world, is the same problem that’s plagued the “War on Terror” since its inception: we (the US, or the US and its allies if you like) can’t or won’t really define what constitutes “terrorism” or “terrorist acts.” Given that this is a UN resolution and therefore, “binding” or not, has about as much weight behind it as a cease and desist letter from Lionel Hutz, 984 more words