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A crazy thought about immigration

Maybe, if we here in America are really concerned about undocumented immigrants coming into the country across our southern border, we could stop engaging in… 395 more words


OCN’s Bad Guys episode 7 (kdrama)

“They kill without emotions.
They have no emotions and they leave no evidence.
And without emotions, they feel no guilt.”

Someone close to Tae Su was killed. 1,172 more words


Grapes Of Wrath #2 – Bar Room Lust (Smell My Finger)

This x-rated episode took place back in the summer, in London. I buried it away beneath the rotting onion layers of my brain but, as these things have a tendency of doing, when working on a mundane task like dishes the other day, the rancid memory was torn from the void, and it stormed back into my consciousness. 909 more words


Did Burkina Faso's army just troll everybody?

Way back in 2000, the Burkinabé constitution was amended to limit presidents to two five year terms in office; previously they could be elected to unlimited seven year terms. 1,599 more words


Bad Guys Episode 8 English Sub

Watch Full Episode 8 with English Sub Here: http://bit.ly/1yRBT6i

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The point of no return

I’m afraid that when it comes to Israel, Palestine, and a Third Intifada, we may be approaching it:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu vowed to “respond harshly” after five people — three of them U.S.-born rabbis — were killed in a synagogue Tuesday by two Palestinians wielding meat cleavers, an ax and a gun.

129 more words

Bad Guys: Speculations about Jung-moon (Part II)

Ok, I admit my brain went into overdrive over the weekend, as I finished watching ep7 of Bad. And I’ve come up with Theory 2 of who-wants-Jung-moon-dead. 454 more words