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Mosque attack in Diyala sets back the cause of Iraqi unity

This kind of thing just makes it harder for Baghdad to bring unhappy Sunnis back on side:

At least 73 people have been killed after a Shia Muslim armed group opened fire inside an Iraqi Sunni mosque in the village of Bani Wais in the country’s eastern Diyala province, medical sources have said.

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What if Gaza ends where it began?

Gaza continues to be immolated. Israeli airstrikes killed another 8 people overnight, which means nearly 2100 people there have been killed since the fighting began, and it’s becoming clear that… 527 more words


The Shabak: another minority at risk from IS

A lot of attention has rightly been focused on the danger that the Yazidi community has been under since IS swept through northern Iraq (many of those who were trapped in the mountains around Sinjar… 658 more words


You made me feel so bad

Well, this is awkward:

When American forces raided a home near Falluja during the turbulent 2004 offensive against the Iraqi Sunni insurgency, they got the hard-core militants they had been looking for.

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GOOD GUYS, BAD GUYS: A Hollywood Guide to doing the right thing

‘Bad Day at Black Rock’ (with Spencer Tracy. MGM. 1955)

‘Abubakar from the Black Rock’ is the sub-title of an interminable account of Balewa, a Nigerian politician’s life, by a superb writer and splendid historian, Trevor Clark. 12,535 more words

The case of MH17 remains needlessly (?) curious

My latest at LobeLog looks at the fringe theory that Ukraine, not Russia or pro-Russia separatists, shot down MH17. Journalist Robert Parry has been pushing this theory since the incident… 625 more words