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We Know You Don't Care And We Just Proved It

Watch the video before you read the post:

Awesome? Yeah, a bit. But is the conclusion right? No.  Sorry, this isn’t going to be a post that employs false balance. 1,004 more words


Surely Nothing Will Go Wrong With The FBI's Facial Recognition Database

There’s a lot that’s been written about what might happen when the government finally gets a facial recognition program up and running. And apparently the FBI will be putting those predictions to the test as soon as this summer, because that’s when their facial recognition database will be up and running!


Because what we need on Tax Day is another goddamn tax-shifting scheme

From my local paper:

Independent candidate for governor Eliot Cutler continued his roll-out of policy ideas Tuesday with a new proposal to lower property taxes while also increasing state aid to local communities, funding for education and the budget for marketing the state of Maine.

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Bad Ideas

I Got Food Poisoning

Date of Incident: 04/12/2014
Life Skill Fail: Over Estimating my Body’s Immune System

In hindsight, the warning signs were all there, general queasiness, lack of appetite, feelings of weakness but I ignored them all and thought I could muscle through them. 144 more words


फेंके जा, फेंके जा - ये तीन सौ टॉफी भी गुजरात मॉडल की देन हैं!

चला मुरारी हीरो बनने. मगर इत्ती जल्दी काहे की – टॉफी और ट्रॉफी का फ़र्क तो जान ले पहले. भक्तों और भक्तिनों से ही पूछ लिया होता तो वो भी बता देते.

Bad Ideas

And now for one of the great ideas of history...

Yesterday, while driving home from work, I watched someone tailgate a mini truck with a full septic tank and porta-john hanging off its back, supported only by a couple of lengths of canvas strapping.  25 more words

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The Penguin effect

The ‘alternative’ publishing house, Navayana, is wrong to cancel Joe D’Cruz’s contract for the English translation of his Tamil classic, Aazhi Soozh Ulagu (Ocean Ringed World), j… 214 more words