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Chinese cinemas may allow audiences to text comments onto screens

Would you go to a movie theater to see a film as the entire audience livetweets it? Where your fellow filmgoers’ comments are displayed onscreen along with the film? 233 more words


A CNN Anchor Actually Suggested Police Use Water Cannons On Protesters In Ferguson

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Oh boy. Just when you thought CNN’s attempts at “news” couldn’t get any more Drunk Uncle-like, this happens. Rosemary Church, anchoring the bad idea factory’s coverage of the continuing awfulness in Ferguson, actually suggested that the (mostly white!) police force use water cannons on the (largely black!) protesting crowds. 58 more words


Don't let the Magic Fade: Thoughts on Kudumbashree's Sixteenth Anniversary

I do not write on Kafila as frequently as I used to because I don’t want to be writing stories of impending doom all the time. 3,416 more words

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Happy Independence Day India, Blessings from Kashmir: Onaiza Drabu

Guest post by ONAIZA DRABU

Dear India,

As you celebrate yet another year of the glorious independence; the independence that was the beginning of an era of doom for most of us here, I must inform you that I was unable to get my morning bread. 528 more words

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You can only be young once...

…but you can be infantile forever.

Today, on the Bowery:

“Dough retarders.”

New York

Intergenerational Financial Destruction

Action Tip:  Don’t participate in intergenerational financial destruction. Parents, don’t ask your own parents to cosign a $100,000 student loan for your child.

Living Below Means

Rape and Rakhi - Patriarchal-Communal Narratives: Kavita Krishnan


Even as the communal cauldron in UP is kept on the boil, there is news that the RSS has launched a campaign to tie Rakhis to lakhs of Hindu men, asking them to pledge to protect their sisters from Muslim men and “love jehad.” The VHP has been running a helpline urging Hindus to approach them “if your daughter is being harassed by Muslim boys.” And a khap panchayat in Muzaffarnagar has imposed a ban on mobile phones and jeans for girls, claiming that these result in ‘eve-teasing’. 1,534 more words

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