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Blog Post Purgatory: The Terrible Posts That Never Made It

When you have a blog, sometimes you feel the need to post for no particular reason other than to send the world a pulse, a resurfacing punch from the writer-burnout rubble telling the world “I’m still alive!” The metaphors are weak, the content isn’t relevant, or your own, and you try and connect dots where dots don’t exist. 787 more words


How to Get a Gal to Luv You Worship You Care For You Forever

There’s few mysteries in this culture quite like how to make love endure.  You meet.  The heart palpitates. You sweat a lot.  You worry you said the wrong thing.  100 more words

Dawn Wilson

Things I Miss The Most: Cigarettes

I used to smoke a lot. I miss it every day.

I smoked an average of a pack a day for nearly seven years. In the beginning, a pack could last two weeks; by the end, I was smoking almost two a day.  108 more words


Reason Number Gazillion I Thank The FSM For The 2008 Election Result

That would be that Lindsay Graham, the Republican senator who is totally not pandering for re-election.  The idea that this guy would have had any possibility of a role at the center of the national security and or foreign policy apparatus in a McCain administration should send jolts of terror through anyone who doesn’t think the war in Iraq has done so much good for the U.S. 549 more words


Why its hard for me to accept the killing of Mohsin Sheikh in Pune: Sameer Khan

Guest Post by SAMEER KHAN

The nation was outraged with the news of the murder of Mohsin Shaikh in Pune following the riots after the suspected defaming face book post. 1,267 more words

Bad Ideas

Life in a 'Sterilized' Zone, Hebron, Palestine: Ravinder Kaur

Guest Post and Photograps by RAVINDER KAUR

Map of Hebron, Courtesy ‘Breaking the Silence

On 12th June, 2014, the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers near Hebron resulted a massive military search operation in the area. 1,319 more words

Bad Ideas

RIP Australia's Carbon Tax

UPDATE: at ~ 11:14AM local time in Australia, it was repealed!

From ABC: Legislation to scrap the carbon tax has passed the Federal Parliament in a major win for the Abbott Government. 1,226 more words

Carbon Tax

Phineas Fahrquar reblogged this on Public Secrets and commented:

Just as the EPA is trying to force us into a de facto carbon tax, Australia comes to its senses and repeals former-PM Gillard's monstrosity. Well done, Tony Abbott!