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No “I” in Office

Yeah, I know – lame but hey, my blog and it amused me.

I figure I covered all the generations usually found in an office environment in the two previous blogs. 1,328 more words

Observations And Whatnot

An Open Letter To The Nice Customers At Work

Dear You,

Yes, you. The one who is waiting there in line behind the counter. The one I’ve been apologizing to for a good ten minutes because we are hopelessly understaffed today and I have to finish a long sale. 444 more words

Jay Z Is Like... A Liar... Or Something.

He told TMZ that his favorite cereal is Captain Crunch.
I caught him doing it when I happened to catch an episode of TMZ.
That’s  191 more words


Ninja Bitterness

You know those stupid career assessment tests you take in high school and college that ask moronic questions about your character traits to determine what career best suits your personality? 743 more words


The Right Thing.

You know how people are always telling you to “do the right thing?”  Whenever you aren’t sure what to do, well, just do what’s right.  No matter the situation.   581 more words

Dead end job


Are you unhappy with your job ? Do you rather get a tooth pulled out than get up and go to work? Well then its time to find a new job. 427 more words