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A bad job could be worse than unemployment

There’s a clear link between being engaged in “good work” and mental health. An important contribution to our understanding of this link has come from the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia (HILDA) Survey in Australia. 303 more words

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Ranting: Tired Of Being Treated Like Shit By My Boss

First off, can someone grab me a real stiff drink?

I have been stressed out to the max for the last 3 weeks. What a complete shit show my life has been. 1,446 more words

T.I.A: The Bored Medic

Snapshots of Decades: A Birthday Blogpost

Turning 41

It’s my birthday and I am reading Stephen King again.

I do the book reviews for my local NPR station and I knew I would have to take on this very popular author at some point. 1,468 more words


TIA The Bored Medic: No Running Water Day 6.

This job I am on has been nothing but bullshit since day 1.

I was called to this job with not even 24 hours notice. I left my home near Edmonton at 5:45am and arrived on site at 3:00pm that day. 353 more words

T.I.A: The Bored Medic