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TIA The Bored Medic: No Running Water Day 6.

This job I am on has been nothing but bullshit since day 1.

I was called to this job with not even 24 hours notice. I left my home near Edmonton at 5:45am and arrived on site at 3:00pm that day. 353 more words

T.I.A: The Bored Medic

little dash of comprehension

I ran across an inspirational article over the weekend about the path of Jon Setzen an entrepreneur and designer. It goes through the ins and outs ups and downs of life and career. 165 more words


Take This Job and...

Daily Prompt Nightmare Job In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.

I’ve had some awful jobs in real life, so I’m not going to imagine more. 916 more words

Daily Writing Challenge

Electrified Fish Tank and other Pet Store Adventures

When we are sixteen years old, it is hard for us to truly understand the great risk to self and property someone takes when they decide, against all of humanities better judgment, to hire one of us young, naive, trouble making miscreants. 1,165 more words