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Gangster films and God - and the absence of God

In chapter 4 of THE NEW FILMGOER’S GUIDE TO GOD I write about gangster films, introducing the subject in this way:

“If damnation comes from the judgement of humans, we can only look to God for salvation. 576 more words

Bad Lieutenant

99th Top Baseball Movie of All-Time - BAD LIEUTENANT.

Again, is Bad Lieutenant a baseball movie? Read the Top 100 baseball movies of all-time list:


I’ll say yes because it’s the best portrayal of gambling on baseball. 298 more words

Matthew Toffolo

Antichrist (2009)

Antichrist opens with the most beautifully artsy, black and white, opera-scored sequence ever to feature a close-up, slow motion penetration shot. While Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg fuck in glorious ultra-slow mo their infant son climbs out of his crib and out a high rise window, his slow journey down intercut with extreme close-ups of mum and dad’s O-faces. 367 more words

Video Daze

Bad Lieutenant (1992) Review

A corrupt drug and gambling addicted New York City Police Lieutenant is pushed to the limits when he is investigating the rape of a nun. 380 more words


Thoughts on Gerard Johnson's "Hyena" - From EIFF 2014.

This review originally appeared on Quietearth.us as part of my coverage of the EIFF 2014.

Back in 2009 I covered Gerard Johnson’s first feature, Tony… 1,351 more words

Abel Ferrara