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Dear Idiot Girl,

How did you think it was time for your unlucky streak to come to an end? Didn’t you know you have a life long (non-refundable) membership to the Stupidly Bad Luck Society?? 463 more words

Educated Fools?

On a trip to my local library to meet up with a friend, I had a seat to wait out her delay and I noticed this gentleman sitting about 5 feet caddy cornered from me, nicely dressed in a white dress shirt and navy blue dress slacks and faded worn loafers, attractive, 60ish), well groomed, polite enough to be plugged into earplugs being contently amused by whatever was playing on his laptop, pulling single wrapped candies from his shirt pocket. 588 more words

No Pajamas in Public, Binkie: Top 5 reasons - no second date for you

No Pajamas in Public, Binkie.  The top five reasons he is not going to ask you for second date
  1. You showed up wearing pajamas. At 11:00AM.
  2. 186 more words
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Freedom Is Just Another Word For Being A Jerk

So, 4th of July fell on a Friday to better facilitate a long weekend of drunkenness.

How dumb is it to spend actual money on fireworks to light up the night sky when you live somewhere that doesn’t night in July? 139 more words


Letter to TV people re: eating

Dear actors, directors, screenwriters, advertisers etc,

The act of putting food in a film or TV character’s mouth, in a dining setting, is enough to give us simple viewers a clue that perhaps the character is eating or about to start eating. 89 more words


This is Ska!

The Specials. Bad Manners. Big 10. Madness. I reckon you’ve all heard of at least one of them. Well, they happen to be a part of one of my favourite genres of music- Ska! 562 more words