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The kind of mom I am

We’re in Hawaii this week, on the trip that Steve’s company gives its employees and their families every year. It’s a nice perk, and much more manageable now that Bini’s almost six and can swim like a fish. 859 more words

The Kid

Eating Disorders and Family in Need

Today turned out semi productive as I got a vigorous work out in this morning. I walked my two miles then upon arriving back home I emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the oven and stove and did some actual work through telecommuting which I get paid. 663 more words


Almost 1:00 on a Saturday

… and I am still in my pajamas. And I am not sick. My stomach is rumbling because I am just that lazy–can’t even bring myself to get up and have a Snicker’s bar with my cold coffee. 249 more words

'Bad Mom'

I find it so comical, that people think that just because I’m a young mom it automatically means I’m a ‘bad mom’ and can’t handle motherhood.   381 more words

Epic failure... mommy style

She sucked at parenting, she was not in denial. As a matter of fact, if you asked her for a list of three things she could improve upon, she would give you ten, and parenting would be #1. 59 more words

Adventures In Single Parenting!

And the Mom of the year award goes to....


Our family likes to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.  it is definitely one of the more celebrated holidays In our house.  This year since the holiday is on a Monday, we decided to do our annual family celebration yesterday. 703 more words

Can you be a perfect mom... Ever?

The answer is short, simple and may be hard for some. NO. First up, when you ask yourself if you are a perfect mom or not, is where you are wrong. 352 more words