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today in bad momming, i read the kid's private notes

so the kid likes a girl. she was in his class last year and they’ve hit it off. kid has a big time crush, as big as a 7yr old’s first crush can be. 221 more words

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like today wasn't going to be rough enough

yeah so, today is swim lesson day- maybe if the afternoon thunderstorm doesn’t kick off right at lesson time. 

there’s also a school event we need to attend.  212 more words

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storm clouds rolling in.

yup. just in time for today’s swim lessons, the storm clouds are rolling in. right now the pool is closed because of lightening. with an hour to go, i’m thinking kid’s lesson today will probably be canceled. 217 more words

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Planning and Organizing

Planning and organizing are, shall we say, not my forte. I get things done primarily by sheer force of will and the ability to stay maniacally focused on whatever I’m doing until it gets done. 419 more words


driving in the car

if i’m driving in the car, chances are i’m swearing. favorites include

  • are you fucking kidding me?!
  • what kind of epic douchebag are you?!
  • you fucking twatwaffle learn to drive!
  • 131 more words
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I am a BAD Mom

I’ve been back to work for a couple weeks now. I have loved seeing my coworkers again and my customers. I have many opportunities to show off my amazing children! 736 more words

throw back thursday! to last night

my first confession as a bad mom- last night for dinner i let my kid eat french fries and ice cream. 

we met a friend at a branch of our favorite BBQ joint, in a town about an hour away from us. 226 more words

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