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There's No Mom of the Year Here

I posted yesterday about Summertime Depression.  I didn’t particularly want to post it, but I feel like as a mom (or dad) these days we are always supposed to be “on.” 572 more words

Random Bullshit

Back Story, Part Two

I lived with my mom for about five years after my parents divorced.  In many ways, I became the adult of the house.  I would make sure my mom came home from the bar, her friend’s apartment, some random dude’s place, or anywhere else she happened to end up.   1,330 more words

My Suit Gets No Love, but My Love Suits My Kids: A Response to Jessica Turner

I write this essay in response to Jessica Turner’s recent article in the Huffington Post, “Moms, Put on That Swimsuit”: http://huff.to/1lbFZxy. Undoubtedly, what I would like to express will not be popular. 1,955 more words


Bad Parent Patrol: Mom Arrested For Leaving 4 Kids In Trailer, Home Alone, to Go Party With Landlord [VIDEO]

This is sickening, what drug do you have to be on to be this bad of a mother?

Mothers worldwide are cringing after getting news that yet another mom has dropped the ball on motherhood. 103 more words

"I'm a Bad Mom" Monday: No, You Can't Climb on Your Dresser

Last week, I laid Lillian and Levi down for a nap in the same room. Levi still sleeps in our bedroom at night, but since someday I’d like to enter my room after 7 p.m. 583 more words


Age is just a number in autism land.

Realizing all of the progress the boys have made is a great feeling. Seeing how far they have come and how much they have overcome keeps me going on the bad days. 880 more words

Toxic Mom Toolkit: Learning to Listen

I was at a lovely Sunday afternoon engagement party in a garden and yes, I had a few beers, when two friends sat down at the shady table, one on each side. 457 more words