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Bad Movie Studios: Halloween-A-Thon II - Sleepy Hollow (1999)

Well ladies and germs, Halloween is almost here, and that means that Halloween-A-Thon II is almost done. There’s only a couple of videos left until the finale next Friday. 26 more words

Site Update 1

In the event I’m late for an early showing or there is nothing I want to see, I will make a review post called Cine-Sadism… 51 more words

Rubber (2010) |Bad Movies

Directed by: Quentin Dupieux

What you need to know about Rubber:

  1. The fourth wall is nonexistent
  2. It is an ode to “No reason,” meaning if you ever find yourself asking, What is the point to this?
  3. 351 more words
Bad Movie

Shaun vs. Gingerdead Man (2005)

Directed by Charles Band

Starring Gary Busey, Robin Sydney and Ryan Locke

Gary Busey is a serial killer who gets the death penalty yet comes back as a killer cookie in order to finish the job he started back when he was alive. 589 more words


Troll 2 (1990) |Bad Movies

Directed by: Claudio Fragasso (pseudonym Drake Floyd)

What you need to know about Troll 2:

  1. There are no trolls in the movie what-so-ever
  2. The Goblin’s power comes from Stonehenge…
  3. 366 more words
Bad Movie