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Green Street Hooligans - Stupid Thugs With Ugly Mugs

I don’t like to write about movies unless they really move me, to the good or to the ill.

So which one is this?

Let’s just say that you might want to include a barf bag next to your popcorn if you choose to risk it with this dog of a movie. 638 more words

Wade Venden

Why VH1's 'Man in the Mirror' is a Disrespectful Biopic of Michael Jackson

So, the last biopic I wrote about, Get On Up, was not completely accurate in every fact they portrayed about the life of James Brown. 2,004 more words

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Walking on Sunshine

I barley will write any negative reviews – just because I can be quite nice and don’t like to say bad things, or at least not in public – and I am really sorry for the movie, but now this is one of those exception where I write a negative one. 349 more words


TN2M Ep59 - Akira and Lucy

So we sit down and review Scarlet Johansson and Morgan Freeman vehicle Lucy….and how it probably is the closet thing we will ever get to a live action Akira movie lol. 39 more words


Movie review: Lucy

Five minutes into this movie I started laughing and stopped even trying to take is seriously which is really a shame.
I had been looking forward to Lucy for a long time hoping that maybe we would have a cool, intelligent, physiological action movie this summer. 207 more words

Movie Review

Ten Reasons Why the New TMNT is Awful and You Should Avoid It Like the Plague

Okay, I haven’t posted in a long time. That’s mostly because I’ve become a boring adult with a boring job in the boring real world and usually use my free time doing anything that doesn’t resemble work, which means I’ve accomplished a significant amount of Netflix bingeing in the past little while However, I have experienced a plight so horrific that I feel compelled to raise a warning voice to anyone who may fall an unsuspecting victim to it as I did: the newly released  2,671 more words


Killers (the movie) Review

Killers (2010) staring Katherine Heigl and Ashton Kutcher.

I felt like this movie was a failed attempt at a comedic spoof of Mr & Mrs Smith. 180 more words

It's Just A Review