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“Interstellar,” Not So Much Bad Science as a Bad Script (Spoilers)

Neil Degrasse Tyson, Phil Plait, and Katie Mack have all commented on the various scientific holes in the movie Interstellar.

I especially liked Tyson’s child-like question “Why didn’t they just build the wormhole closer to the earth?” Great question! 2,330 more words


Evil Altar (1988)

Erin: I was bamboozled into watching this 80s horror flick by the name recognition of actors Robert Z’Dar and William Smith, but as is too often the case, these guys have a few scenes, while the real protagonists of the film are unknowns. 1,260 more words


Reaction to the Aaliyah Movie

One thing I thought Wendy Williams would do is own up to how bad this movie was. As opinionated as she is I dont know why she couldnt have just said its crappy and they werent ready to release this. 6 more words

Aaliyah: The Disappointing Movie...

vid credit: World Wide Cred @ dailymotion

Dang it Lifetime you guys should be ashamed of yourself…Rolling Stone Mag just about summed this up for me. 1,479 more words

Rampage (1986) |Bad Movies

Directed by: Çetin İnanç

What you need to know about Rampage (aka Korkusuz):

  1. It is Turkish Rambo
  2. Serdar Kebapcilar plays Serdar (main character ‘Rambo’)
  3. Osman Betin plays a character called Osman…
  4. 543 more words
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15- The Starving Games


The Spoof film “The Starving Games”(2013) ruins our day, so we ruin The Hunger Games franchise by spoiling the movies. We analyze the subtleties between a parody and a reference, Play O&A, & wonder just how many things we need to go to therapy for.

New episode from WWYMT

Shriek of the Mutilated (1975)

I would liken exploring cult cinema to treasure hunting. You have to put yourself through much trial and tribulation, only to end up with a lot of dud films. 394 more words