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In the event of a Sharknado, find the nearest catfish noodler

(This morning I’m over at Long Awkward Pause, where my assignment was to offer an informative piece on Sharknado survival. It’s a Public Service Announcement of sorts, minus the “service” part…) … 132 more words


Guilty Pleasure: Grade Z Movies like Sharknado 2!

I’ve always loved low-budget, grade Z movies, especially horror and science fiction. SyFy Channel has created a cult following for their Saturday night schedule. They started showing then producing intentionally bad, crazy, tongue-in-cheek movies. 190 more words

Machete Kills

Sometimes, the only thing better than a laughably terrible movie, is a movie that is intentional laughably terrible. Like Machete Kills. Danny Trejo stars in this movie is our badass-turned-spy who is trying to stop a missile being launched. 150 more words

Bad Movies

Plan 9 From Outer Space is So Bad It's...

There’s no point in an article series if we don’t take a look at the one movie that’s considered to have started the whole idea of “So Bad It’s Good”.   533 more words


IMDb Bottom 100: The Creeping Terror

The Creeping Terror

Ah, “The Creeping Terror”. This movie has to have one of the worst monsters in cinema history, and that is really saying something. 449 more words


Nazi Zombie Death Tales (2012)

“Sex! Zombies! War!”

(aka Battlefield Death Tales, aka Angry Nazi Zombies)

Directed by James Eaves, pat Higgins and Alan Ronald

This film is actually an anthology of three short films. 1,767 more words

Great Gatsby verdict: Jesus Christ I hated it

To be honest, I suppose my verdict can still change as I must confess that I am still watching it as I write this. Another confession, I really like the book. 506 more words