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Bad Movie Night: Snow White and the Huntsman

If there’s one thing I really love about Netflix and other on demand movie services, it’s that they not only give you instant access to the best movies ever made, but also (and more frequently, let’s face it) to some of the absolute worst. 4,100 more words

Big Steaming Heaps Of It

Mercenaries Trailers and Impressions

My Thoughts:
I found this through “The Escapist”, who called the movie “the all female ‘expendables’. The first thing that came to my mind was “why would anyone want to tie a movie to “the expendables”? 193 more words


pain demands to be felt #laterthought

i saw the ‘fault in our stars’ (TFIOS) a few months ago with my younger sister, who loved the John Green novel, and i’ve been wanting to air my grievances for some time. 513 more words

Amazing Movie Tangent

With the approach of Sharknado 2, the Scty channel is playing all of the  great mega animal movies it has made. I also found out that all of these movies are made by one production company. 215 more words


Game vs. Film Podcast Ep. 8: Max Payne

This week we watched Max Payne, a beautifully shot movie bogged down by tonal inconsistencies, nonsensical logic, and tired tropes.

Why Woody Allen's Moonlight Is Anything But Magical

Greetings loved ones! Liu is the name, and views are my game!

After sitting through writer-director Woody Allen’s latest romantic comedy, Magic in the Moonlight, all I could ask myself was, “how in the hell has this man managed to stay in the good graces of audiences for nearly fifty years?” I mean, forget about hating him for marrying his own daughter, this film by itself should give you reason to dislike him. 492 more words

Film Review

Skip's Quips: 'Random Harvest' and the Art of (De)crying

Caught Random Harvest on TCM last night.

What a weeper. I mean, wow is it a weeper. Not my cup of tears, either.

Oh, I like Ronald Colman, don’t get me wrong. 114 more words