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What's in a name?

At work the other day we were talking about unusual child names. It came up because a co-worker had met someone whose child was named “Absidy”. 601 more words


What’s in a name?

A bad name lasts a lifetime

By Elliot Chan, Opinions Editor

Formerly published in the Other Press. October 9, 2014

Like a birth defect, poor name choices can be an everlasting nuisance to a person’s life. 486 more words


Do’s and Don’ts of Brand-Naming; 16-Oct-2014

When entrepreneurs come up with names for their companies, several do not know that the brand name can also result in the company’s success or failure. 50 more words

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The Battle of The Cutlery Drawer

The Battle of The Cutlery Drawer is currently taking place in my house. And, to be honest, share housing in my experience is a little like Forrest Gump’s famous box of chocolates; it’s full of retarded spastics.  1,194 more words

Quick Rant About Names

The average human born in America has a life expectancy of about 79 years. This means that a child born today will have to spend four fifths of a century responding to the name they are given by their parents at birth (maybe only 18 years if they’re smart enough to get it taken care of quick, before the onset of adulthood.) 423 more words