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Bonified Hustler

Bonified Hustler

By Bad News The Emcee-Feat Flowz.  Hottttt Single! Definitely an artist not to sleep on.

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Is reserving a name change right for the volunteer fire service?

While I appreciate that he has made the SoldierFirefighter connection that we promote as a means of connecting veterans with the volunteer fire service, this fire chief thinks Volunteer Firefighters need a name change to put us on par with our partners in the military reserves. 11 more words

Recruitment & Retention

Bad News Blues

It’s official. I chose the worst week ever to quit smoking. If I hear any more bad news I’m going to lose it! I am desperately in need of some good news or retail therapy or maybe to get completely shitfaced and have a ‘roll in the hay’. 16 more words


Points Of Memory...

It’s amazing how my mind works. I have such a terrible memory that I have to maintain a calendar, complete with email alerts, just so I’ll remember when a family member has a birthday. 358 more words


No One Loves…

“No one loves the messenger who brings bad news.” ―Sophocles


One Call

There is a song lyric, “…got the call today I didn’t want to hear…guess we are all one phone call from our knees.” It’s one of those things you don’t pay much attention to as you sing along. 395 more words

My Lovely Montegosaurus Rex

Bad news for Montego, my 3 year old Dutch warmblood, today. After a winter of intermittent lameness we have finally found the culprit. It turns out that Tego has congenital bipartite navicular syndrome. 317 more words