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A Daughter's Choice

Chuck’s challenge this week is a complete story in three sentences.  I may have cheated a bit with the last sentence, but I’m standing by it. 133 more words


Heart attacks

It’s not a cop-out to reference one’s childhood when explaining one’s bad adult behaviour. There is a reason why every therapist wants to know how their clients dealt with sad feelings as children, how their parents talked to them, how often they saw their parents, how safe they felt, and more. 1,721 more words


Mom-Fi-Dence - and the bad mother syndrome.

When Meggie and I were trying to decide on whether or not we’d want to have children, the question of our possible inadequacy as parents came up fairly quickly. 839 more words


The Fastest Rising Name For Baby Boys In 2014? Hint: It's In The Danger Zone.

Not content to wait until the end of the year to reveal how much pop culture has influenced the way that people named their babies in 2014, … 1,419 more words


Letting Go

Don’t worry – this has nothing to do with the earworm that has taken over the entire world thanks to Disney and Pixar… at least not overtly. 555 more words

Fix Your Own Life

5 Qualities Required To Be A Parent!

Every time my God children comes to visit my mom and step dad always attempt to start conversations that suggest parenthood like, “You know I want to be a grandma one day”, “Ebony J when you gone have you a little one.”” Theirs always this awkward silence before I respond with a question, “Mom can I at least get married first?“ 583 more words


Adulthood - being independent versus being an "adult child".

I saw a Facebook post recently that I really liked. It said “I think you should pay for your own mortgage, birth control, college loans, food, and cell phones. 423 more words