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What will your legacy be?
What will you leave behind for your children to carry on and hand down for generations?
What have you given your children, that your parents didn’t give you? 284 more words

The Things That They Say Aren't Real

They tell me her tears are not real.

And neither were the bruises,

And neither were the pinch marks,

And neither are the mornings when… 165 more words

9-Year-Old Twins Left Living Alone For Months

According to Yahoo! News, two twin boys, 9, were left in their family’s New Hampshire apartment while their parents took their siblings to  Nigeria.

The parents told police that the boys’ 25-year-old uncle was going to take care of the boys, stopping in with food every couple of days, but when police arrived at the apartment, they found no edible food. 41 more words



No matter how big your vehicle or shopping cart is, it’s never big enough. Especially when you are hauling two 38 pound humans in addition to your lumber or whatever you scored during your pickin’ trip…….. 8 more words

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Worst Parents of 2015: Video Baby Sticking Gun In Mouth

We’re only a few days into 2015 and it looks like we’ve already found the worst parents of the year. Here’s a video that shows two adults Michael Barnes (19) and Toni Wilson (22) encouraging a 1-year-old baby girl to place a .40-caliber handgun in her mouth and say “pow.” 35 more words