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Shitty Parents

The Rich White Hippies
in my neighborhood think it’s cool
to let your dog
without a collar (!)
roam out front
when you have a fenced back yard… 279 more words


Not Cute

I spend several hours of every work day interacting with children and adults. I have met some incredible parents, and I have met some parents I want to slap across the face. 118 more words

Gossiping: A Short Post

So, this is about one type of verbal/emotional abuse that I remembered today so I just wanted to write short thing about it.

I used to have long conversations with my mum–hours long–where I would cry and tell her that different things she did hurt me and ask her if she could try to change. 509 more words


Losing a Parent: My Relationship Obituary

I’ve had to stop contact with my mum at least for now because she’s abusive.  But that doesn’t make this easy.  I still love her very much and am writing this obituary to our relationship, focusing on the good stuff. 461 more words


Cutting Out My Mother

Last night I finally got myself to email my mum and tell her I need space. It’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, and I’m crying as I write this. 513 more words


Cutting Out Your Parents and Therapy

Almost exactly an hour ago I emailed my mum telling her I need space for a bit. It was an extremely difficult thing to do because it was admitting that I’ve lost her. 69 more words


Types of Abuse: Am I Being Abused?

I’m going to briefly define all the major types of abuse (neglect, verbal, emotional, physical, sexual) and then share some sort of example.

Neglect: not providing you with the basics… 893 more words