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Superwoman's Lost Cape

Mild mannered Hestor, a former office executive with a sculpture degree was an ADHD fueled super temp who peaked early, sold out and got married due to pregnancy then regretted the whole damn thing while divorcing her former boyfriend and husband, a revenge demon. 552 more words

Anxiety Disorder

To rub someone up the wrong way

When you annoy and upset someone without you want it.

CATALAN  Buscar a algú les pessigolles

SPANISH  Buscar las cosquillas a alguien


Fear or respect (Part 4)

Hello! I’m gonna try and write about other things eventually I promise but some of the feed back I get from this is very rewarding. My story is 100% true that is sad isn’t it? 616 more words


To be a thorn in your side

Someone who repeatedly causes you pain and makes you feel bad.

CATALAN  Tenir una espina clavada

SPANISH  Ser una espina para alguien


To sponge off of people

To ask your friends for all you need to live like food, money, clothes… for the purpose of living without working.

CATALAN  Viure de gorra

SPANISH  Vivir de gorra


To leave someone out in the cold

When you leave someone aside and you don’t let him/her to participate in a group.

CATALAN  Deixar algú a l’estacada

SPANISH  Dejar a alguien al margen/ en la estocada


To sell someone down the river

To deceive or defraud someone.

CATALAN  Vendre la moto a algú

SPANISH  Vender la moto a alguien