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Nothing more

In your eyes, I saw galaxies,
endless fathoms, and starry
skies. I heard your heart beat
but knew it was empty inside.
Night bled across your face, … 58 more words


Haven't you heard don't hit a lady?

I’m gonna try my best to blog my story in order…for anyone who’s interested or wants to talk I’m always here. Somedays are harder than others especially the days when I lose sleep from all these nightmares. 301 more words


I Remember


I remember your smile

I remember your curls

I remember your laugh

I remember your words

I remember how they hurt

I remember how they burned… 51 more words

Dreams that make me giggle

I dreamed of Mike last night. He comes and goes from my dreams, although he used to be a regular. He used to follow me around the places I went and never really did or said much, but stayed with me. 221 more words


Sometimes you know and want to let go of something a friendship, a relationship, a job but its so much easier said than done. People can tell you that you need to get out of a bad situation and you yourself also know its toxic for your life to continue with it but then going about ending the problem for good just seems to create more problems. 194 more words

Confessions of a Recovering Shopaholic

There was a time in my life that on any given day your best chance at finding me was to stop by either the MAC Cosmetics counter, Sephora, Nordstrom, or any other establishment where I could swipe one of my many credit cards. 1,221 more words

New Video: How to Deal with a Gold Digger - Relationship Advice - Ask Chauntel

When dealing with relationships sometimes we will run across people who will do their best to use and abuse us. How do we deal with these types of situations. 50 more words

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