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20 Signs You're Winning When You Think You're Not

It’s easy to feel like a failure when things in your life aren’t going quite right. We all go through it. Like Mama used to say, “Keep living and eventually, you’ll hit a wall.” But part of getting past the low points is to find the smallest positive in the negative. 63 more words


a guy told me once that sometimes when he was with me he felt more alone than he’s ever felt in his life.

that’s what happens when you pick and choose which parts of yourself to give to someone that isn’t worth giving all of those parts to.


Strength is knowing how to walk away from a bad relationship and doing it!

How many of us experienced a relationship in which we knew it were not right for us, but we had extreme difficulty walking away and staying away? 906 more words


You (Me)

You are so evil
So very wicked
And deceitful
So dangerous
And enormous
I feel you suffocating me

You are so cold
So very frozen… 117 more words

"You Think You Know Me" Held Back Comic

Moments later, Hobo Clyde pooped in the handbag in preparation to wear it as a hat.



There has been a slight change on the way that I will tell my story. The only changes I will make is that the Spanish version is over, or, if the need arises, I will finish it in Spanish, but for the time being, there is no need for it. 793 more words


And since yesterday was the “anniversary” of the beginning of the worst relationship I could have ever had, I want to “celebrate” by finishing the story of how the relationship began. 769 more words