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Embracing who you are!

These types of post are my normal go to style. I rather talk about beauty, fashion and excercise. This past month I have been struggling on figuring out who I am and who I want to be. 422 more words


Reasons You Should Breakup

Okay, maybe you shouldn’t do anything drastic just yet. Have a little chat if anything here bothers you before you then consider any next steps. I think a lot of times we get too far ahead of ourselves in the chase that we forget about the things that really matter. 411 more words


It's that Dusty, Stormy Weather Ahead

Looks like storms are brewing this weekend… kind of reflects what home life is often like…ups and downs…you never know what’s going to hit you next; a hail storm, rain, getting poured on, high winds trashing and thrashing through…Right here we are getting dust storms and lightning storms…Relationships are similar when you think about it…tornadoes, rain, hail, thunder, lightning, and then…yeah…warm, sunny days (like we are having now), and then dust storms like we are experiencing in Arizona these past couple of weeks… 444 more words


Hill = Man

Hill = Man

Behind you is the hill

or mountain peak—

call it whatever you want

now that you’ve moved past

the slippery stones that… 86 more words

DeMaris Gaunt


Hi Guys!💜

We have all had our share of bad breakups haven’t we? But mostly breakups are supposed to be bad, but I consider a breakup being bad if in fact the relationship was bad.. 306 more words


Is this Wifey Material?

Warning: This Post Contains Censored Swear Words!

My brother’s girlfriend is nice. She’ll greet you good morning, buy you a coffee every once in awhile, but that’s pretty much all I can think of. 851 more words


Murdered By My Boyfriend - BBC Three

The programme that I watched last week was based on a true story about a 21-year old girl named Ashley (not her real name) who was murdered by her long term boyfriend and father of her child, Reece (again, not his real name) 724 more words