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Date a Bad Egg; You'll Learn Something New

There’s this familiar saying that goes, “If a writer falls in love with you, you’ll never die.” It’s true, especially for me. Date me and you’ll never die. 1,188 more words

Love & Relationships

“We can’t always change the things that happen to us in life, but we can change the way we view them” – Unknown

     I recently learned about something called a “frame”. It is something your mind uses in order to powerfully understand situations around you. When you are confused, it is because your mind does not have a frame for something. 1,447 more words


3 girls, how to brake a boys hart and not feel guilty!

Right so background.
Ok so this guy he was (I thought) my tall dark mysterious prince but no he was in fact a complete wet fish! 211 more words



Ah! to crumble me

to break me down in pieces

as I stand before you

begging for freedom

what joy can be found

in watching me fall… 144 more words


Dear Loser,

I can’t stand you. Most of the time we are together, you irritate the fuck out of me. I don’t like sitting around watching television all day. 534 more words


Self Love

Learn to love yourself enough so that when someone enters your life that treats you negatively, you can stand up for yourself and have the strength to let them go. 56 more words