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Don't give a damn ’bout our reputation!

Street people need to hire a good PR firm or something. We have a terrible image problem. The general public sees us all as shiftless, no-good, drug-addicted, mental cases. 260 more words

Vancouver B.C.

What Does a Safe Space Look Like?

Creating an environment where people feel safe, welcome and included is crucial to the organisation of feminist events. In this session, we’ll be having a warts-n-all discussion about what works, what doesn’t, and what we’d like to change for the future. 89 more words


Spam Haiku: Reverse Phone Lookup

Sometimes, I get spam that is too funny to relegate to the dustbins of history. This is one of those times. Here is a spam email I have recently received, turned haiku. 341 more words

Online shopping : buyer beware

I love online shopping because I’m fortunate to know my measurements and size well enough that I don’t really need to try things on. But after today’s experience, my worst nightmare became a reality and I’ve learned that there far more important things to worry about than if something fits me or not. 1,234 more words


Saturday night DJs: Bad Reputation vs Fanny Pack

For one night only, Wowzers Festival will host a DJ battle sure to keep you dancing through to the late hours on Saturday 8th March. 227 more words