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Reading Academic Research Made Simple and Why Protein Is Not As Bad As Smoking!

I’m a little bit late to the protein party but I wanted to address some recent headlines that have had me doing protein PR. An… 1,358 more words

Understanding ADHD: A first person perspective.

- I’m writing this article in response to¬†http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/mar/30/children-hyperactivity-not-real-disease-neuroscientist-adhd.

- In my opinion, the Neuroscientist mentioned above is a fish splashing in water. He’s taking a stance against a commonly over prescribed pharmaceutical class by making a drastic claim, such as the idea that ADHD doesn’t exist, to rally media outlet’s and draw more attention to his research. 765 more words


The mischief-making press release from the Scottish Conservatives lying about food safety in schools

For those who haven’t seen the original media release from the Scottish Conservative party in which they make their mischief, I’ve added a copy of it here. 17 more words

Brazen Scottish Conservatives refuse to admit their lying over food safety in Scottish schools

I’ve now heard from Tom Wall, the Digital Editor for Environmental Health News, that he’s had a response form the Scottish Conservative party about their mischief-making over food safety in Scottish schools. 225 more words

Foodsafety mischief by Scottish Conservatives published in EHN_Online

My small but persistent request for evidence from the Scottish Conservatives about the data underlying their mischievous claims about food safety in Scottish schools has been… 55 more words

Let's be clear - the Scottish Conservatives lied about food safety in schools

I’m a patient old Hector, but five weeks is plenty long enough for me to wait for the Scottish Conservatives to offer up the evidence behind their unfounded assertions about food safety in Scottish school kitchens. 1,172 more words