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Passing Judgement on Content BEFORE Finishing... Hmm?

Now, I will be the first to admit that I have not finished every book I have read but when this does happen it is usually because it is so poorly written, not because I think what is happening doesn’t make sense. 334 more words


fresh hype

Fresh’s Sugar Lip Balms are possibly the most-hyped lip balms on earth. Every celebrity, every model, and pretty much everyone with a mouth has talked these up. 238 more words


A Hotel In England Charged A Couple £100 After They Left This Scathing Review On Trip Advisor

A British couple who stayed at the Broadway Hotel in North West England got an unexpected charge on their credit card after a horrible night’s stay. 529 more words

Web Culture

"Rotten stinking hovel" hotel charges couple £100 for bad Trip Advisor review

A UK hotel has come up with a way to fend off all the thumbs-down that are clotting up its online reviews: rather than upping the thread count on their sheets or, say, introducing a vacuum cleaner to the dining room a bit more frequently, they’re promising to charge customers £100 for bad reviews. 579 more words


Well, here we are

That kettle just missed my head on the way down! The nerve! My nerves! I think I need some tea, just not at that party. Goodness, what a racket! 891 more words

Bad Reviews

The Instant Series - Instant Speed Reading

Title: Instant Speed Reading (The Instant-Series)

Author: The Instant Series, Jason Heath?

Length: Not sure, read in like 20 minutes, but could be 10 after learning all the tricks, so I could read it twice in 30 minutes… 1,792 more words


Honest Review, Anyone?

In my experience, everyone asks for them, but few authors really want them. A recent blog by indie author Venkatesh lyer titled “Let’s Fix These Book Reviewers For Good!” recently set me thinking about book reviews. 1,367 more words

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