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Get out of my house

It’s second year at University, and life is in full swing.

I would walk into a club, drink, dance, and smoke, before picking my prey. I would circle them, dancing closer and closer before they noticed me. 656 more words


6 Things Guys Say During Mediocre Sex (And How To Respond)

1. “Do you want to start on top?”

How lazy is he? I mean, do you really have to do ALL the work?

Response: “Sure, do you want me to tuck you in after, too?” 321 more words

No Kama Sutra in my Futra

I’m not really sure of what to say.

The Indian Software Engineer texted with me over the weekend and he came over for about an hour or so yesterday (Monday) afternoon. 368 more words

Man Boys

Why I'd say yes, yes, yes to the Bad Sex award

By Sally O’Reilly, The Open University

Sexual intercourse is getting on a bit. Not only has it been boosting the human population since we emerged from the primordial swamp, it’s more than half a century since Philip Larkin noted its arrival on the cultural scene in his poem… 804 more words


How to write a terrible sex scene

There are valid reasons for writing terrible sex scenes. To show that characters aren’t right for one another, or because it’s funny. Or you could take these tips for writing bad sex as a DON’T list for good sex scenes. 886 more words


Bad Sex (Totally Safe For Work)

Time and circumstance gave them permission. His knock on her door. Her greeting with a smile. All they needed was a synthesized soundtrack with a lot of repetitive chord progressions. 164 more words


You know the sex is bad when...

Sometimes sex just isn’t’ as glamorous or as easy as the movies make it out to be.  Especially when you are a naturally awkward person like me who can trip over on flat surfaces,  it can get you into some hilariously awkward situations. 691 more words

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