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Baby Carrot and Two Blueberries

After my first foray into the medical consequences of fornication, I was mildly afraid to have sex again. That was one of the contributing factors to the next three months of celibacy. 1,667 more words

S #9

I wanted to sleep with him as soon as I saw him.

He worked the door at a Thursday night dance-party for alternative gays and their friends who wanted time away from the usual. 516 more words

Sex And The Fear

The thought of having sex is giving me a big case of The Fear

Let me explain, I have a week off work next week and on one of the evenings I have arranged to go visit a guy and spend the night with him. 232 more words


15 People Describe The Most Awkward Thing That Was Ever Said To Them During Sex

1. Michael, 34

“Are you enjoying yourself?”

Um, no—not anymore. I actually dismounted. It was like something a schoolteacher would ask me.

2. Ashley, 22…

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Hello Sex God

The first time I had sex with a boy, I was on my senior class trip in Mexico and I was eighteen years old. It was with guy I had dissed when I was a sophomore since I wasn’t sure what I wanted at that age. 1,624 more words


Sex Survey Recap: What was your worst sexual experience?

The responses to this question reflect two very serious sexual issues that probably 90% of people have experienced.

1) Unwanted/forced/coerced sexual intercourse

This can be for many reasons but it would seem that both male and female respondents are somewhat scarred from incidents in which they were expected to put out or felt they should when they really didn’t want to. 668 more words


Losing my Widgitity

I lost my widgitity a few nights ago.  For those that haven’t been initiated and have no idea what that means, I finally had sex for the first time since my husband died. 1,158 more words