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Losing my Widgitity

I lost my widgitity a few nights ago.  For those that haven’t been initiated and have no idea what that means, I finally had sex for the first time since my husband died. 1,158 more words

Bad Sex


The partial program is awesome. Today (yesterday) they identified that I am holding onto a marriage that my ex is “done with.” I said, “He can’t be done with it because… 452 more words


So tired. So annoyed. So used.

What a fucking waste.

The short version.  He says we need to do more date like stuff.  He asks me out of town this weekend.  He is 3 hours late (he did call but not til the time we were supposed to meet – I had not left the house). 660 more words

Dating - Yuck

Should I Break Up Over Bad Sex? 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

This is a great question, and like all great questions, it leads to more questions. Here are some questions you should ask yourself if you’re considering breaking up with your partner because the sex just isn’t cutting it. 1,800 more words

Break Up Advice

Incident Eleven: Sexual Oddities

So now Mr Weirdo was back in my life. Following his grovelling apology he started parking his car ten minutes away from my house (too scared of my parents to park any closer) and we carried on dating as though nothing had happened. 445 more words

A Woman Scorned #2

10 Things I Believe About Dating

1. Whether or not it is clear to you, the universe is unfolding exactly as it should.  Trust in it for the best outcome.

2. Kind should be his first attribute.   219 more words


Dating: Part Two - Lesson #2

The thing about harmless flirting is that once in a while a man gets the wrong idea and continues the pursuit even after multiple rejections. Leo was one of those men. 602 more words