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Day 25: Condiments and DOMS

Day 25! It’s like Christmas! Only different.

I had a good day! Everything went smoothly and I think if I hadn’t set my alarm for Gym Time and would have set it an hour later for Work Time, I would have slept all night! 657 more words

Bad sleep may increase suicide risk in older adults

Washington, Aug 14 (IANS) Older adults who complain of poor sleep quality, independent of a depressed mood, are at increased risk for suicide, says a study. 171 more words


Day 24: Less is More

Today nothing happened. Ok, that’s not entirely true. The majority of what transpired today wasn’t new. 

I did fit into a skirt that previously had given me issues.  257 more words

Day 15: You Can't Make Me

I went for a walk today. It was nice. I keep not working out because I haven’t been sleeping and I am dreading the run. Not much I can do about sleeping, but I hate running. 446 more words

Day 10 - One Third Down

I don’ really have a lot to say today. I ate well. I didn’t sleep well last night, so I am tired. The kids upstairs were a bit rambunctious and then I had some allergies. 113 more words

Day 9 - Pants and Sleep

I have failed you again. With the pictures. It was just so early and I was so sleepy. Because I am crazy, I have decided to start trying to  sleep on my own with no pills. 472 more words

Day 8 - Good Day!

First, the bad news. I slept like utter crap last night… as in maybe got about 2 hours consecutive of sleep. Buh. I also forgot to take pictures of the food I packed for work, so none-noms for you. 542 more words