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How To: Make Friends On The Streetcar

It’s been a pretty rocking week, so this post is all about finding the silver linings. Specifically, silver linings about people who stink.

Now, I’m super sensitive to stinky people. 268 more words

Being Good

How To Create Scent Appeal in your Home Staging Plan?

Smelling Protection


Every single one of my listing presentations these days seem to end with a conversation around staging.  Home staging is now much more than just an industry buzzword, it has come to be an expected level of home preparation.  Quite simply put, staged homes sell faster and for more money.  The very basic idea behind staging is to remove the personal from the property and make it appeal to visitors as their potential new home.  Everybody is following the advice of the television shows and removing photos and decluttering, however, some miss a key element and that is scent.  135 more words

Haunted Houses

My latest blog from the Firedance Books website.

On the morning before last Halloween, or Samhain if you prefer, there was a piece in a newspaper featuring the top twenty most haunted places in Britain. 863 more words

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