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Bad vibes.

Yesterday, by the time I got into work, I had a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach.
I was convinced I’d have a bad day and to begin with it sure seemed like I would. 175 more words

We're sitting side by side but there are miles between us.

Tonight is one of those nights when I feel so…disconnected from the things and the people around me, not because people are leaving me out of the circle, but because I took a step back and broke the chain. 556 more words

Hello Fellow Screw-ees...

Welcome welcome welcome to the SCREWniverse. If you have ever been screwed over by the universe, despite being a good person, then you’ve come to the right place. 140 more words


another one bites the...

Chief has pushed the boundaries once again and another staff member has left. This time, he degraded her in front of others. he swore and he kicked and he screamed, like a spoilt child. 167 more words

"Will you die if you drink nail polish remover?"

“People who swallowed acetone or substances that contained acetone became unconscious, but they recovered in the hospital. The amount of acetone that these people swallowed was not always known, but one man swallowed about 2,250 milligrams of pure acetone per kilogram of body weight (2,250 mg/kg). 287 more words

A Fear of Commitment...Oh let's be serious- I needed to rant.

Disclaimer: If you like my usually upbeat (or at least comical) posts,click away now. I haven’t been dealt the best of hands lately, and I never really have been good at the whole, “poker face” thing, so I’m not even gonna try to sugar coat it. 1,618 more words