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How do you get out of the labyrinth of suffering?

No class for this day and I should be happy- but unfortunately turned out not. I am so irritated ,anxious and angry. All those bad vibes feeling. 333 more words

Bad Vibes, Bad Energy

My grandmother had a saying “Fighting, arguments etc make me pessimistic, because of two things happens, either somebody dies or people have financial difficulties” and indeed my grandma is right. 825 more words


Back Up Plan

Never underestimate a professional Business Support Administrative Specialist. Always have back-ups! <insert evil laugh> 😁

Bad Vibes

Subliminal Scribble 242

I can feel

your bad

vibes, but

I refuse to

move to that

shitty beat.

Talk is Sometimes Just That

Diamond has deep emerald eyes and long sultry hair. She’s heard more than enough stories about her boyfriend. They say that Julian is nothing but trouble. 226 more words