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I’m F-N Hungry

As we learned from my nephew Evo in the previous post, kids are like sponges. They absorb! They may not always be listening intently, but they always seem to be within ear-shot when we undergo a verbal slippage (a.k.a. 188 more words


Karson's New Babysitter Teaches Barrett Some Naughty New Tricks

Karson had a new babysitter named Lindsay spend the day with Barrett. They had a wonderful day out shopping and going to lunch together, but Barrett might have picked up a couple things along the way… 93 more words


REVIEW: Bad Words

The end doesn’t necessarily justify the mean.

DIRECTED BY: Jason Bateman
WRITTEN BY: Andrew Dodge
STARRING: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Rohan Chand, … 392 more words


Explaining the Naughty Words in a Foreign but Not Foreign Language.

many people around the world use the middle finger.  and it’s not always a bad thing.  like in poland.  they use the middle finger to point to things.   815 more words

"Auto fellatio "

“Auto fellatio “

Now spell that, mf!

Jason Bateman begins to be funny. For real. Brand new idea and a starting movie like rarely can see, especially in comedies which are a little harder than other genre. 426 more words


Words Will Always Hurt Me

Do you ever have those moments when you say or do something, and you’re like…

Where the HECK did that come from? And WHY the HECK did I just do/say that? 531 more words

Fall Clean Up

Alright, sooo I realized tonight that I haven’t written in almost two months.  It’s amazing how fast time goes.  I swear it was JUST the beginning of October, now Thanksgiving is over.   725 more words