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Only Words

Maybe because I am a writer but words don’t really bother me.

I should clarify that bad words don’t really bother me. Okay, most words don’t really bother me unless you are aiming hurtful expletives in my direction and then I may be a wee bit hurt, angry, pissed – or all three. 474 more words

Um... what?

The first words out of Lulu’s mouth this morning were:

“Hey momma…?”

“Yes Lulu?”

“I’m not going to say bad words at preschool today.  I won’t hit anyone either.” 15 more words


Movie Review: Bad Words (2014)

“Homily” – a short lesson or sermon. That’s the word that knocked me out of the fricking Scripps Howard Spelling Bee when I was in middle school and freaking Lisa Dodda got to go to DC for the national. 196 more words


Subbing in the shadow of the popular teacher

I sub a lot of classes. As seen in my previous post Why I Only Teach Two Classes Per Week, one of the reasons why I keep my own schedule light is so I can provide service to teachers who need to take time off. 784 more words



In my eighth-grade spelling bee I was eliminated after misspelling the word “potassium”… in this movie these kids are spelling words like “infinitesimally” with ease… how do you think that makes me feel? 766 more words

Movie Reviews

Bad Words (2014/US)

Zerosumo.net – Saya tidak pernah tahu kalau kontes mengeja kata di ‘Murica sana merupakan sesuatu yang dianggap serius. Setidaknya itulah yang saya lihat dari film… 449 more words

Movie Review