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The S-Word

We all go out to the park one day and are watching Little Man playing. All of a sudden, another kid runs up to his mom, who is sitting next to us, and points a finger at my son and yells, “he said a bad word!” 235 more words


Patron Movie Review: Bad Words

Movie: Bad Words

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The Verdict: Fun! Three stars!

Patron movie reviews come from the patrons of Wilmington Memorial Library. If you want to review a movie, fill out the blue slip inside of new and hot DVDs! 9 more words


The Power of Profanity

As I was writing a post about the profanity I use in my novels I realized I never really talked about the power of profanity itself on my blog. 843 more words


Bad Words

I am somewhat perplexed that I liked such an unlikeable film about such an unlikeable person. Jason Bateman, apparently tired of playing uptight white guys in 758 films over the past couple of years, wrote and directed… 61 more words

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[LISTEN]: What Bad Habit Has Susan's Son Learned?

Susan from Glendale has a six year old son that has picked up on his dad’s filthy mouth. Now she’s worried that he will use his potty mouth at camp over the weekend. 109 more words


My son enlightens older sister on THE J WORD

I found myself in an unfamiliar place the other night – the laundry room. I try to visit it as seldom as I can, which is only hen I run out of clean underwear. 426 more words


One-Year-Old Twins Turn Everything into Situationally-Appropriate Bad Words

Every one-year-old manages to turn innocent words into curses, but it’s more hilarious in stereo… and in context… and in a non-cursing home. Hmm, let’s see, how does a Mormon momma convey this R-rated babble coming from her babes’ mouths without cursing herself….? 249 more words