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2015 Bad Language Language Update

I’d like to kick off 2015 on a positive note by listing the lazy neologisms, nonsensical verbal memes, and plain bad language that I’ve found irksome in recent times–and so should you: 350 more words

Olaf - X Rated

Um… Three minutes into Wedding Ringer and I realize that’s Olaf’s voice. 80 minutes into the Wedding Ringer and I can’t believe Olaf would say such words! Whoa!


Dealing with the first "F bomb"

The major milestones of growing up keep coming whether you’re ready for them or not.  But I wasn’t really expecting my six- and barely five-year-olds to speak the F bomb yet.   656 more words


Gun Off!

The other day I was at the park and I overheard a mother scolding her boy for repeatedly saying “poop” and “pee”. I have also heard parents scolding their children for saying “butt” and “penis”, telling them that those are not nice words to use and they’re “very naughty”. 550 more words

Happy Mommy

Tom Brady said a dirty word during his press conference

Tom Brady spoke with reporters Wednesday about the Patriots’ upcoming AFC Championship showdown with the Colts. Brady spoke about his moodiness during the playoffs, and the ups and downs he goes through. 137 more words


"Curse words"

There is nothing wrong with “curse words” or “bad words”. Words are words, nothing more than that. Learn to understand that. It’s not the word that’s bad. 228 more words

if it ain't Baroque, don't fix it.

Because I’m an idiot, I signed up for the Hendrix piano competition coming up at my school. My instructor texted me on Saturday night and asked me if I wanted to do it; after a little hesitation, I said, “What the heck — sign me up.” For this competition, it’s divided into levels — so, obviously, I am not competing against children, or, for that matter, college students who’ve been playing since they were toddlers. 461 more words