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Bad Words

“Bad Words”(2013) is a black comedy film directed by Jason Bateman and also starring him as the main character of the movie. This was Bateman’s first movie directed and I have to say it was a good one, had me laughing out loud the whole entire film. 281 more words

Bad Words

Review: Bad Words (2014)

Title: Bad Words

Director: Jason Bateman

Stars: Jason Bateman, Kathryn Hahn, Rohan Chand, Allison Janney, Philip Baker Hall, etc.

I had high hopes for Bad Words… 352 more words


Talking Sh*t

“Um….Excuse me, but did I read that title right?” Yep, you did. We’re going to be talking about cussing on this post. Why? Because so many people, Christian and non-Christian alike cuss.   1,115 more words

Bad Christian

Farewell, Silver Screens blog!

Suddenly it’s the end of April and time for Point Park’s spring 2014 semester to come to a close. I put myself in a student’s seat, taking Dr. 251 more words

Bad Words

With A Little Help From My Friends

One difficult parenting skill to master is the art of sternly disciplining while your sides are trying to split with laughter and the corners of your mouth twitch to betray you. 842 more words

Hal (The Baby)

Bad Words (2013)

Bad Words first caught my attention at the start of the year with the release of a hilariously offensive and vulgar red band trailer, and since then I have been waiting patiently for some kind of distribution and release to commence. 831 more words


BAD WORDS Review - ***½

I’m gonna try and keep this one short. This is a damned funny film, albeit one that makes some questionable choices and which treads a fine line between having a heart and falling into sentimentality. 1,050 more words

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