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All Those Pretty, Useless Words (or "Beware of Adjectives")

A lot of writers have this fantasy that whatever they’re writing will conjure a relatively precise image in their reader’s mind. It’s a perfectly legitimate expectation, as a word means what it means to whoever’s reading it (barring language barriers). 992 more words

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Writing 3.5 - Write and Wrong

Too many people spout off about too many things about which they don’t know enough.  And then there’s me.  I spout off about things about which I am certain, unlike those fools.  1,007 more words


Must be Above Suspicion: Jian, the Media, and the New Equality

By Vandee

Far be it for some clunky, worthless blogger – one who does little more than spew dross in the shady recesses of Blogspot – to assume he’s got all the answers. 1,436 more words


Doctor Who S08E10: It Ain't Easy Being Green

A little girl in a red coat is running through the forest, terrified, in the first of many vague fairy tale allusions that ultimately go nowhere and have no point in this not very good episode of Doctor Who! 1,174 more words


I Wanna Be a Hulkamaniac

DEE: What’s going on with Hulk Hogan’s hair?  It’s blond and yet it’s silken, like that of a Chinese man.
DENNIS: That is Hulk Hogan’s signature look.   588 more words


Roxane Gay and Jezebel vs White Male Writers; Misrepresentation, Lying, and Overall Bad Writing

Anyone who reads my blog probably knows by now that I’m antifeminist. I’ve said it, I’ve discussed it, I’ve called the movement out on its idiocy and outdated ideals outright. 1,637 more words

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A Book That Needs Some Love (edited)

I have finished reading Robotech RPG Tactics cover to cover. If I thought there was a chance of the following occurring:

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