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Ang mga Pilipino ay isa sa mga pinakamasayang tao sa mundo. Alam natin na hindi matagal ang ating pananatili sa lupang ito na isang munting tuldok ng kalawakan, kaya ibinibigay natin ang mga buhay natin ng kagandahan at kulay, at makikita ito sa ating mga ngiting walang kupas. 285 more words

School Work

My Biggest Issues with Mainstream Fiction

For me, there are two types of books. I will admit, I enjoy the first the most: a good plot, well-thought out characters, interesting themes, and ultimately, a book with something to say. 434 more words


no brains allowed

This is kind of a film review… but not really. I don’t go into the particulars of the narrative. So no spoilers, either!

Popcorn, check. X-tra large Coke, check. 719 more words


REVIEW: Guardians of the Galaxy

So, I finally saw ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. I know, took me long enough. Anyway, I have discovered that ‘Guardians’ was was actually completely rewritten by James Gunn, because the original script ‘didn’t really work for him’. 709 more words


Scratching an Itch

She said she had A Moonest Proposal. I said it made no sense. She said it would after she’d explained it.

Apparently, one of my numerous sexual conquests had let slip that I was fond of, shall we say, ‘frolicking in the crimson lagoon’. 656 more words


The One Skill Absolutely All Writers Need

And no, it isn’t the ability to read a style manual.  And it isn’t the ability to spend money on advertising.  It isn’t even the ability to craft a beautifully worded sentence.   1,608 more words

The Writing Process

When Bad Books Get Published

There are two realities: The one we insist upon and the one that actually is.

For writers, the insisted reality is that nothing less than perfection will get us a sniff at publication. 569 more words

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