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Nonsense. Just nonsense.

Can’t go through the mail like that – the whole shamong would be torn to shreds. Plants in the post… Well, it was the only way I figured that Kate would get it before I died. 197 more words


Hello Monday!

Hello Monday! It has been a busy weekend. My son had his 10th birthday Saturday. His party was a success as far as kids having fun. 180 more words


Drawing a Line

I just went up to my office door, which has a Post-It note or two stuck there. My office is a wreck, always has been. But a vertical space is pretty easy to keep tidy. 361 more words


5 Common Mistakes of Beginning Travel Writers

As an editor and travel writing instructor, I have worked with people from all sorts of backgrounds to help them achieve their goals as travel writers. 859 more words

Business Of Writing

Why Your Query Letter is Making Agents and Editors Cringe

Before I landed a publishing deal, believe it or not, I spent a lot of time trying to land a publishing deal. Shocking, right? Well, when I say a lot of time, I mean to say that I spent almost six years tirelessly hammering out query letters and getting either form rejections or no response at all from agents, editors, or publishers. 1,168 more words


Three Dirty Birds Presents: The Substibook!

There’s nothing more satisfying than a good book. (Except maybe a weekend on a remote island with hot and cold running cabana boys and all the chocolate you can eat.) 346 more words

Random Weirdness

Why lit classes should teach bad novels

Looking though a catalog of books for use in English classrooms, I saw many of the old classics. Here are the contents of a bundle of books labeled “ 1,236 more words