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People don’t share body parts.

Writers can create strange visual images if they forget this simple rule. Consider this sentence.

“When people get a good idea in their head, they should act on it.” 263 more words



“How was the moon, honey?”

Geraldine said this as she cut her onions, hips pressed to the lip of the counter, her floral dress a cruel mustard and burgundy. 247 more words



I can’t write.


Not tonight.

All the words

I just can’t find.

Writer’s block

a writer’s shock.





My Bad Writing

I have a confession. Can you keep a secret?

I googled myself.

I know, that’s pretty lame and narcissistic or whatever, but I was curious. While scrolling through the results, I stumbled upon my old Wattpad account that I have not touched in years. 262 more words

"Divergent" Rape Scene: Why It Matters in the World of Adapted Screenplays

In response to this article posted on Medium.com…

“Divergent” Rape Scene: Here’s Why It Matters” argues that “Divergent” marks a huge milestone in Hollywood Blockbusters; never have we seen a woman fight off her rapist and hold incredibly steadfast to the word, “no”, making it clear that a man does not have her consent. 1,090 more words


Symptoms of the Learning Process


Generally, I’m not a fan. But, some are better than others. Those mornings I open my eyes, and they see. Blurry, because I don’t sleep in my corrective eyewear, but the images the magic of my eyeballs capture is filtered and understood by my brain. 997 more words


Bad Writing

The problem with rewrites is that the ability to identify a problem is not the same as the ability to fix it.

I know what was wrong with my first draft, and not in an “I’m a writer and everything I writes sucks” way.  249 more words