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I'm A Baaaaddd Man

I am a bad man. See there is a group project that I messed with. On purpose, I admit it. As a class we are making a magazine, each of us has an article to submit, and a role to play in the creation of the magazine. 659 more words

Daily Thought

Dear BWA, I want to write great stories but I get intimidated by how many books are already out there. There are so many. I'm scared.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I too want to get out a few literary quickies before I give up the ghost and I too am intimidated by the great minds that have come before me. 159 more words

Bad Writing

Blog 47: Echoes of the Dance by Marcia Willett - a turgid saga

They were all there for different reasons – a broken romance, a destroyed career, a sudden loss, a secret life still to be acknowledged. All of them were hoping that the uplifting beauty of the Cornish countryside would bring them the peace for which they desperately longed. 335 more words


How I End Up

If there ever was a time to give a fuck about how I end up, it’s now. All I have to do is keep fucking on through it but I can’t stand the thought of myself. 1,401 more words


On a lighter note; CARRRRRRRRRRRRRS!

Today, I shall be going through my Top 5 Automobiles in Fiction. Just a bit of fun, no particular order, but jaysus I’d love to give any one of ‘em a spin one day. 599 more words


Rushed Writing Equals Mistakes: Evidence

As I was doing my nightly Facebook wind-down, I came across a rather interesting link to an article. It seems, according to Eyewitness News, that a Bishop’s son/nephew has partied up a storm this past weekend. 529 more words


Is this navel worthy of such gazing?

Nervous and twitchy, I chew at my own cheeks. When I am like this, it feels like anyone and everyone in my environment is looking at me. 763 more words