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A Deeply Flawed World

Well, it was hardly two weeks that passed since the finale of Book 3 of the Legend of Korra, and the announcements for book 4 began to come out. 975 more words


Is "bad" academic writing a self-defense strategy?

There were at least two moments for me as a graduate student when I knew I was struggling to become part of a larger intellectual community: the first time I encountered scholarly writing that was so dense, complex and specialized that it made me feel stupid and resentful, and the first time I looked at a draft of my own writing and recognized some of the same patterns of overly complicated scholarship-as-legerdemain I resented in others. 5,953 more words


Why Bad Doctors Are Like Bad Writers: The Curse Of Knowledge

Steven Pinker, the Harvard psychologist and best-selling author, has a wonderful essay in the Wall Street Journal about why smart people are so often bad writers. 95 more words

Policy & Ethics

How Not to Write: Romance

If you want me to abandon your book mid-read, please have nothing happen.

Have you ever read a book that would have made a good short story or novella, but instead was fluffed out to make it “book length”? 216 more words

Writing Is Work

TAKE A BREAK TO READ... language fails.

As much as bad language use and grammar annoy us all – even those of us guilty of butchering Ye Olde English from time to time – it’s undeniable that sometimes the failure to grasp our beloved mother tongue are just too funny not to laugh. 42 more words


Cursed Knowledge Be Damned!

Here’s a great essay that attempts to identify “The Source of Bad Writing,” by Steven Pinker, who makes the case that bad writing is often caused by the “curse of knowledge.” This curse afflicts writers who assume, consciously or not, that their readers understand as much about their topic as they do. 181 more words

Good Dead Man

By Vandee

Part 1 – The Funeral

“What a gem! What a perfect peach to have lost. B’God, what a good dead man indeed!” The stout police chief hoists her glass in the direction of the empty casket. 1,457 more words