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I am the one who... knocks?

Fun little Breaking Bad meets Simpsons mashup I have been working on of Homer as Walter white. I’m going to have a few prints of this so shoot me a email if your interested! 6 more words

Math *table flip*

Hey what’s up you all! Neko here! Okay so yesterday was our first day for periodicals and it was…fine since we only had SS and English. 373 more words



I have no idea. I’m sitting in my university library and I’m thinking about how to answer this question. What is it that makes me tick? 567 more words


Concrete Lounge

The Concrete Lounge is a nascent analogy intended to help explain the need for more people to take on the role of Digital Renovator. Especially in the context of university-based educational technology. 303 more words


Bad Skin

Gosh, there’s nothing more irritating than having to deal with a huge pimple (or should I say pimples) on my face. I’m honestly so jealous of people who have perfect or nearly perfect skin. 311 more words


Is quitting really that bad?

In this podcast i talk about my philosophy on quitting


This podcast as been brought you by race to monument island pay it for on your PC… 52 more words


Good and Bad

The other night my husband and I were watching, The Secret
(a Netflix video). In the video they talk about creating your desired outcome through the power of focused intentions or positive thoughts. 599 more words

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