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I have this weird fascination with photos. They have the ability to capture memories and moments. And we take the time out of our day to take a picture. 187 more words

Breaking bad

Well it has started. I’ve begin to watch breaking bad on Netflix. I’m only on season 1 but I can already tell I’m gonna enjoy this. 104 more words

Google Glass: Stepping Stone into the Future?

While Google Glass does indeed have an inclination of strong reactions, whether good or bad, it doesn’t seem to be justified as a final product. Sale to the public recently went live and I couldn’t help but think about the mixed emotions created by such a miniscule device. 155 more words

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Nobody really forgets anything. Except maybe the happy times; we always forget the good. The sad moments stick around for awhile. They build a home around us. 16 more words

Saturday Thoughts ~ 4/19

*nobody really forgets anything

*except happy times; we always forget the good. the sad sets around for awhile, builds a home around us

*i love my parents… 8 more words


The good, the bad, and the flat.

When cycling we all have days when it all goes perfectly, or it all goes horribly wrong. Thats normal.
I’m here to talk about what makes these days so bad, or good.

Day 4: All is bad, that ends bad


Made happy again

Miscommunication resulted in bad ending to the day

I need to really learn when to shut my mouth. I mean things are already bad between us and yet here I am nagging away without any reason, on petty things. 170 more words