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Good Girl/Bad Girl

The Good Girl/Bad Girl Dichotomy Sucks

It was a punch in the gut when, two years ago, an acquaintance told me how surprised he was that my daughter was so well behaved and fun to play with. 315 more words


Evil Pen

Having slaughtered the baby unicorns, I roasted the sweet flesh over flames, and left the forest; my belches echoed between the pines. What I wanted for my birthday was a rainbow, a rainbow to rip from the sky, and devour the goodness. 81 more words


Paint it!

By Erica Gateka Matasi

Building a good image can take several years and hard work, but destroying it can only take a few seconds.
Usually the stories being told about our nation are negative ones. 700 more words

On Being Umurundi

Stop Being Bad.

And then you say

why do you even say

Stop being bad.

My Walk To My Heart.