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Bad Dirty Sadness

There are many who take great pride
in their good clean fun but I would
like to celebrate my bad dirty sadness
a contrived opposite, for its own sake.


Daily Disciplines: Day Two Hundred Thirty Two

Today I learned the difference between being a bad person and having a bad attitude. Jeffery Dahmer was a bad person, I was just having a bad attitude about something. 19 more words

Faith: the good, the bad, the ugly.

I remember how stupid I felt the day I found out Santa Claus was a myth…

I believe it was a Thursday.

The disillusionment I felt when the ridiculousness of the concept of a manipulative fantasy propagated by consumerism and mass-marketed materialism in the guise of child-friendly bribery hit me like a wet sack of bricks to my limbic system – which, oddly, seems connected to my diaphragm. 489 more words


{DIY Tufted Headboard}

DIY – AKA: 100 Hours of Hating My Life; Reasons I Don’t Craft and This Was Supposed to be Fun…But Now I Want to Punch You… 512 more words


Be careful

This may be my shortest blog ever. Be careful what you ask God for. If you don’t believe in Him, you should check Him out, be careful what you wish for. 76 more words


Det har blivit så att vi badar på tisdagar och en till dag i veckan, antingen fredag eller lördag. Övriga dagar gör vi morgontoalett där jag tvättar av henne med en blöt tvättlapp, tar bort snorkråkor med topz, och sist tar olja på en bomullsrondell och drar den över ögonbrynen och pannan där hon är extra torr.

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Be a Bad Norwegian

Tired of having to use grooming products that make you feel like a chick? Bad Norwegian is here to change that. Creating quality products without any bad chemicals in it that really works well. 85 more words