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Why Bad Things Happen

Bad things happen to bad people, which no one seems to have a problem with (just desserts and all that) but also happen to good people. 371 more words

Time is a paradox

We need to stop wishing for more time and start learning how to make smarter choices.

We all complain about time ….all the time….Time is a paradox.

101 more words


Idag har vi premiärbadat i mormor och morfar Js utomhusbubbelpool!

Ella sov typ hela tiden. Vi kommer nog vara proffs på babysimmet när det väl är dags om vi fortsätter träna på det här viset. 131 more words

Månad 1-3

Faith in Humanity

Is the world all bad? Is there any good left? How much good does it take to restore your faith in humanity?

For me it’s just a couple of simple gestures that make all the world better. 213 more words

The Attitude

I’m a little perplexed with the attitude I’ve been getting from one of the twins. It was so bad on Friday that I had to call his father to let him know what was going on. 219 more words

My own fertilizer

I stated making my own fertilizer about a week ago. And it’s already smelling so bad!


San Diego

Soo I told my mom I was going to Crystal Cove beach today…I lied? Whoops lol
It’s times like these were I’m glad I have a blog and not a diary, this can’t be found by her lol. 516 more words