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Go screw all your furniture into studs right now, I'm not even kidding.

Dead serious.

Today, we dodged a huge bullet. Other children, and their families, have not been so lucky.

There’ll be a lot more cursing in this post than in usual ones. 1,804 more words

Fuck Judgment

On "checking my privilege..." or: being thankful, and counting my blessings.

When did we start using “Check your privilege!” as an insult, as if to say, “Look at how crappy you are for not seeing how good you have it”? 840 more words


The 10 Commandments of Dealing with a Pregnant Woman

Let’s face it, most people are beyond clueless when it comes to the social etiquettes of dealing with our hormone surging & ever growing bodies. So check it out and see if you’ve ever made one of these mistakes: 989 more words

Hey, you crazy kids...


No actually this is really cool. I’ve been having a garbage day because I have some yucky anxiety issues to work on and Scott Walker is still Wisconsin’s governor. 42 more words


The BadAss Women That Are Too BadAss For Me

Happy Woman’s Day! Yes, I know it isn’t the actual woman’s day but here at TAC I feel like commemorating women. I also have a speech on Gender Inequality way overdue that may or may not have been the reason I came up with this post. 419 more words

American Horror Story

New Palin Family Brawl Audio Suggests Track Palin Wants It Known That He’s A Totally-Not-Gay Badass

It’s still bewildering how no one at the Alaska house party that featured Sarah Palin’s family “brawling” with their “friends” over some “he said, Bristol said” nonsense recorded even one second of video. 1,822 more words

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