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Check Out Some Of The Most Overlooked, Badass Women In History

As it puts it in plainly in the video, these women just didn’t give a f*ck. I’m sure they probably wouldn’t use such language to describe their feelings, but the spirit is there. 73 more words

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Here's A Bride That Was Left At The Altar And Decided To Turn Her Dress Into A Work Of Art

Shelby Swink was five days away from her wedding when the unthinkable happened: her fiance called everything off, telling her he wasn’t in love with her. 168 more words

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On accepting people for who they are, rather than condemning them for who they are not.

Is it possible to mourn the loss of seventeen-year-old Leelah Alcorn, respectfully offer condolences to her family, and simultaneously condemn those (including her family) who contributed to Leelah’s frustration, confusion and, ultimately, fatal depression? 1,606 more words

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Salma Hayek Becomes Jane Wick In The Hilariously Violent Trailer For 'Everly'

At 48, you wouldn’t expect Salma Hayek’s latest role to be that of a gun-toting badass who makes Liam Neeson in Taken look like Liam Neeson in… 155 more words

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The Jolie-Pitt family is fucking up their kid and abusing IT!

Look! Look at how fucked up this kid is!

IT is going to grow up to face teasing, bullying, and a higher rate of being murdered… 688 more words

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The sopping-wet person in the office. Or, a case for the mainstream.

We have a problem within activist & feminist communities. Things like the widespread acceptance of marriage rights, the success of Disney hit Frozen, and praise of feminism by celebrities like Emma Watson and… 534 more words