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Badger persecution and sett capping

It is an unfortunate fact of life that badger persecution still happens today. I felt quite sad, for badgers and for society, when I learnt about the various kinds during training from my local badger group ( 560 more words


Outlines Perfecto 100 Pure Badger Shaving Brush

People prefers dry shaving just because they have no too much time but giving few extra minutes and do wet shaving makes your looks better and secure. 292 more words

The Water Gaw - McDiarmid

him reading the words themselves. Our movemnet is not the past but it comes from a deep heritage- this is him reading his verse

John Aberdein

D is for December

There are so many good books celebrating this time of the year! I wish I could read them all. These are the ones I picked: 245 more words

Ma Hedgehog gets Radically Independent

The Vole’s old yamil, Ma Hedgehog sent this report from the Radical Independence Campaign Conference. Watch out Carmichael, she is coming for you.

A week’s a long time in politics, they say and it seems that two months or so is a lifetime in this case. 817 more words

The Vole Squeaks

A Blue Parrot and some Green Lights by John Aberdein

The Vole is rather well educated and was lucky enough to be taught by the noted writer, John Aberdein who was kind enough to hand over this piece… 800 more words