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Trying New Things

I don’t have to reiterate the last 10 posts or however many I have by saying that Go and everyday life have a ridiculous amount in common, but I guess I did anyway. 433 more words

Go and Anger

Go is a meditative activity for many, but at its core, meditation itself is more than just peace and harmony. Sure, silencing one’s mind brings peace and harmony to the mind and body, but the act of looking inward and attempting to quiet the thoughts of a long day in a harsh world is not always a calming experience. 354 more words

My problem

My problem is that people don’t play go. If everyone in the world played go, and I was confused by how someone was acting or the decisions they have been making, I could just play a game of go and get a better look into who they are as a person than Modern Conversation would give me. 365 more words

The Art of Living and the Game of Go

Yang sheng is not just about physical or breathing exercises, it is cultivating the art of living in all its rich variety and interest. Underneath all of that rich variety, however, is a unity of being that is ultimately supportive and nourishing; most traditional societies know this, and are structured to develop this understanding over the course of a life. 259 more words

13줄 바둑 제2국 (13-Line Baduk/Go/Weiqi II)

컴퓨터의 흑번. 덤 6집 반. 8집 반 패배. 예의 없는 컴퓨터가 첫 수를 우상귀에 두지 않았다…

VS Com (Blk). Komi 6.5 pts. Lost by 8.5 pts.

Played in cosumi.net

Daily Life

13줄 바둑 (13-Line Baduk/Go/Weiqi)

對 LV 1 컴퓨터(白).  덤 6집 반.  8집 반 패배. 시종일관 후수로 시달렸던 대국. ㅠㅠ

VS Lv 1 Computer (White). Komi 6.5 Points. Lost by 8.5 Points

Played in cosumi.net

Daily Life