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Each game is a story.

My teacher uses the phrase “game story” to describe the quality of a game that has been played. For example, if a game contained a lot of simple opportunities for one side to gain a big advantage, but both players missed multiple opportunities, then it wouldn’t be a good game story. 309 more words


The beauty and mental challenge of Go has attracted players for over two thousands years. Players take turns placing stones on the board in an attempt to surround territory, while keeping their stones safe from capture. 235 more words

Board Game

The daunting task of starting out at go

First of all, you should know that go is very similar to martial arts, and is often considered a “mental martial art.” It was originally taught to generals, much in the way that swordplay was taught to soldiers, because a keen sense of strategy was to a general what hand to hand combat skills were to foot soldiers. 1,383 more words

“Dreams of Chess and Go...”

I knew it was a dream.

I was walking on a road. I don’t know where I am going, yet I noticed I was with someone. 544 more words


“Under the Weather...”

Photo from Wikimedia

“Hi. It’s time for your medication.” The nurse said to me with a sweet smile, delicate hands carefully holding a hypodermic needle as she approached me. 448 more words


Jo Hyun Jae at “Stone” VIP Movie Premiere, 2014.06.05 (Pictures)

Here are some photos of Jo Hyun Jae from the VIP premiere of the movie “Stone” which was held on June 5, 2014.
JHJ attended the event to show support for… 99 more words
Jo Hyun Jae

Go philosophy

Go is a mirror of the human brain.

Give a person a simple goal with variations rivaling the number of variations seen in nature, then the human brain will seek a way to achieve that goal. 291 more words