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Malkovitch game: Moves 14-23

I’m back with some more moves! We’ve got some unexpected (by me, anyway) ones here, but I think I’m doing alright still:

Instead of playing on the left side like I thought he would, white extends from his group on the right with 14. 287 more words


Malkovitch game

A Malkovitch game is one where the players post thoughts about each move they make, to be read by their opponent after the game. The name comes from the movie ‘Being John Malkovitch’ where the characters in the movie go through a portal to see through John Malkovitch’s eyes. 398 more words


Life and Death problems

I’ve found a great source of them here.

Not only are you able to go through hundreds of interactive problems, there is also a ‘ladder’, where you must make it as far as you can without running out of chances by getting the problem wrong. 57 more words


The Go Master Passes Away

This is definitely not the best way to start a morning.

Our living legend, the Go Master, the person who brought about revolution to the Go World, has just passed away. 94 more words


Go Problem 4

Is there a way for black to live without ko? 12 more words


Go Problem 3 (Answer)

There are a few starting points which you can consider in this problem.

Playing at 1 in Diagram 1 doesn’t work in this case. White pincers at 2, and even though 3 is sente, the best┬áblack can make is a seki, which is definitely wrong. 348 more words


Go Beginnings

As you may or may not know, I’ve been obsessed with the board game ‘go’ for the past year or so. Posts about it seem somewhat out of place on this blog, though, so I’ve started a new blog for all my go thoughts. 72 more words