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A Strange Note

Baduk, also known as igo and weiqi, is a board game that originated in China over 2500 years ago, and is renown for its highly advanced strategic dimension. 378 more words



Do I play because I want to win or,
do I play because I want to learn? 

Do I play because I am stressed or, 29 more words


Be smarter by playing Igo/Baduk/Weiqi

What is Igo/Baduk/Weiqi

Japanese call it Go, Koreans call it Baduk, and Chinese call it Weiqi. It is a type of chess game that has been played since ancient times orginated in china. 304 more words


Learning to Play and Lose at Go

Go is Hard!

This may sound obvious to experienced players, but it’s¬†difficulty caught me by surprise.. I’m talking NES hard. I was visiting some good friends in Boston a two weeks ago when I was introduced to the game. 287 more words