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The Art of Living and the Game of Go

Yang sheng is not just about physical or breathing exercises, it is cultivating the art of living in all its rich variety and interest. Underneath all of that rich variety, however, is a unity of being that is ultimately supportive and nourishing; most traditional societies know this, and are structured to develop this understanding over the course of a life. 259 more words

13줄 바둑 제2국 (13-Line Baduk/Go/Weiqi II)

컴퓨터의 흑번. 덤 6집 반. 8집 반 패배. 예의 없는 컴퓨터가 첫 수를 우상귀에 두지 않았다…

VS Com (Blk). Komi 6.5 pts. Lost by 8.5 pts.

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Daily Life

13줄 바둑 (13-Line Baduk/Go/Weiqi)

對 LV 1 컴퓨터(白).  덤 6집 반.  8집 반 패배. 시종일관 후수로 시달렸던 대국. ㅠㅠ

VS Lv 1 Computer (White). Komi 6.5 Points. Lost by 8.5 Points

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Daily Life

Each game is a story.

My teacher uses the phrase “game story” to describe the quality of a game that has been played. For example, if a game contained a lot of simple opportunities for one side to gain a big advantage, but both players missed multiple opportunities, then it wouldn’t be a good game story. 309 more words


The beauty and mental challenge of Go has attracted players for over two thousands years. Players take turns placing stones on the board in an attempt to surround territory, while keeping their stones safe from capture. 235 more words

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