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BAFTA Film Awards 2014 and Prince William

I saw Prince William! That was something I was not expecting to be lucky enough to do. And I saw a lot of other celebrities that I never though I would see in person either. 1,174 more words


Eight reasons why London isn't always great

Last month – basking in the aftermath of the Brits, BAFTAs and ‘surprise’ Prince gigs – we gushed about how much we loved London. It was, we smugly declared, the greatest city in the world. 656 more words

Review: The BAFTAs

This year’s BAFTA ceremony was a mixture of surprises.

The race for the top awards, such as Best Film, Leading Actor and Actress and Supporting Actor and Actress, has never been so unpredictable. 437 more words


Why Awards Season Is Important

Awards season is an intrinsic part of our film industry, and therefore, our culture.

It’s that time of year again where our cinemas are dominated by emotionally driven stories of events in history or untold acts of heroism instead of the annual Jennifer Aniston rom-com or robot crunching saga. 425 more words


Well Done You & Here's Your Gold Star

Well award season has come and gone, well the ones involving those overpaid, good looking people who prance around playing make believe all day have. The Academy Awards, a time in which Tinseltowns finest congregate to engage in high profile self congratulatory back patting. 603 more words

Games were never art, but they could be now.

Did you see the Game BAFTAS the other day? Wasn’t it exciting? No, not because it was an award show, but because of the games. Because something magical is happening with the medium. 1,993 more words

BAFTA Game Awards - Inside Games

Firstly I would like to apologise for not posting for a couple of days – but completely not my fault!

The first day I couldn’t actually get onto my blog to post, I have no idea why, Safari couldn’t find it – surely it was in the same place as always?!; and then yesterday I was in London till late so I wasn’t at my Mac to be able to post. 370 more words