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Consider “winter-proofing” your dog’s paws! Ice, snow, and salt products (ice melt) can cause trauma and discomfort. The pads are at risk for drying, cracking, frostbite, and chemical burn (from Ice Melt). 117 more words

Winter Doggy Concerns

A Cure for Mites?

So, my dearest Fluffy Guinea pig ended up with mites from the immune system stress caused by getting attacked by Ron. He was crying in pain all the time, and I felt so bad for him… 47 more words


8 Cold Weather Beauty Products To Save Your Skin

You can use almost any brand of product that I listed in the video, but these are just some of the ones that I happen to like. 75 more words

Dry Skin or Calluses Getting Your Pups Down?

We’ve all seen them…those dogs with calluses on their elbows from laying on hard surfaces. You’ve probably even thought to yourself why don’t the pet parents buy the poor dog a comfy, cushioned bed?   182 more words

Suki's Corner