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Bupaya Pagoda...Bagan--

  BAM!  Here we are hangin’ out at quite possibly the oldest pagoda in Bagan–Bupaya.  This baby was built in the third century c.e. by a dude called King Pyusawhti–the third king of Bagan.   148 more words

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Thatbyinnyu Phaya...Bagan--

Here we have the tallest temple in all of Bagan–Thatbyinnyu Phaya which stands about two hundred and one feet tall at its tippy top.  Built in the middle of the twelfth century by a guy called King Alaungsithu, this baby is magnificent. 126 more words

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BOOM!  Here we are chillin’ out with a family who has set up shop inside the entranceway of a temple in Bagan, Myanmar.  The daughter is selling trinkets. 131 more words

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Myanmar, the logistics and other boring stuff

 Just a few notes about hotels, transport, visas etc for anybody who might be going to Myanmar.


Myanmar has recently started an e-visa scheme for tourists of most nationalities arriving by air, where you apply online, upload a photo of yourself and get a letter of approval by email within a couple of days… … 777 more words


Balloons over Bagan--

Yes, folks get up at four in the morning, load into buses, and then load into hot-air balloons for sunrise excursions over the vast plains of Bagan.   138 more words

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Morning glow...Bagan--

WOW!  I dare you to visit Bagan, sit on an ancient pagoda early in the mornin’ to watch the sun come up, and take a bad photo.   168 more words

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#1 hotel...Bagan, Myanmar--

POW!  You gotta stay here when you visit Bagan–the Aureum Palace Resort.  Some junta general built this place right in the middle of the Bagan landscape. 197 more words

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