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ratpag's Summer Friday Best-Of Series

That’s our way of saying “rerun”.  ratpag has always been inspired by David Letterman and, though we’d like to avoid the heart-bypass surgery and shingles episode of some time ago, we’d like to follow in his footsteps in some way.   217 more words


A Whinge

I woke up roughly two hours ago.
Almost had four days of good sleep.
Too tired for this.


Who invented work on a Friday? 276 more words


"Jesus, You Challenge Me!"

Can you imagine Jesus saying, “Lazarus, come forth!” and hearing a voice from the grave of a rag, wrapped body saying in response, “Jesus, you challenge me!” What Jesus asked many times was the unexpected and sometimes unexplainable. 526 more words

How to Slice a Mathematically Correct Breakfast

How do you slice a mathematically correct breakfast?  In particular, how do you slice a bagel into two linked halves?

If you have never thought about this before, prepare to be amazed…but you will have to go to… 10 more words

Life In General

An inch of Boston

We were stopped at an airport just outside Montpellier, Vermont. The new driver stuttered over the loudspeaker, ‘Ok, so th-th-there’s a fl-l-lat t-t-tyre so w-we’re n-not going anywhere for a w-while.’ 855 more words

United States Of America

yo bago

Due to the fact that my internship is located in Quarry Bay, this bagel shop was discovered. Living in Hong Kong with a rather westernized appetite isn’t the easiest thing as most restaurants in Hong Kong serve hot noodles and rice over sandwiches and salads, so to be able to find this bagel shop was literally like finding heaven on earth. 233 more words


A Breakfast Fit for the Cookie Monster

Have you ever wanted to eat something disgustingly sweet right as you rolled out of bed? One morning last week, I found myself eating frozen leftover brownies because I was having a (typical) Monday morning sugar craving. 307 more words