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Oil prices are dropping, but airfare keeps rising

NEW YORK — Planes are full. Passengers clamor for amenities. Investors want a payout. New planes are on order.

Those are all reasons the airlines likely won’t be passing their recent savings on fuel along to fliers in the form of lower fares. 669 more words


WestJet to offer lower airfares for 'some' economy fliers

WestJet said Tuesday it plans to lower airfares on select economy-class tickets as its redirects a portion of the money being collected from new baggage fees toward more competitive prices. 511 more words


UPDATE: VIA Rail increases carry-on baggage allowance

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story erroneously stated that the $30 fee would be put in place on Oct. 30. VIA rail confirmed on Tuesday that the fee has been in place for a year. 168 more words


I Suppose It Depends on How You Word the Question to Canadians . . .

Fees For First Checked Bags ‘Unaccaptable’ To Vast Majority: Poll


I especially like the “money grab” quote. If part of any inquiry, naturally it’s a leading question to anyone being charged more money for some product or service. 6 more words


Tips and Tricks for Flying with Southwest with Families

So this is an extension of my last post on getting 3 round-trip flights with Southwest for under $200. Now that you have your Southwest points lets take a look at how to use them. 729 more words


Air Canada cracks down on oversized carry-on baggage – would you pass the test?

New checked-baggage fees will mean more people will try to save money – the $25 checked baggage fee – by opting for carry-on. But how many “carry-on” bags actually fit the size criteria? 9 more words


Air Canada begins crackdown on oversized carry-on baggage

WATCH ABOVE: If you already feel the squeeze every time you travel by air in this country, prepare for a bit more. Air Canada is enforcing strict rules on how much you can bring on board. 374 more words