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Airline Baggage Fees Bring In Nearly $1B In Three Months, Ticket Sales Still Top Revenue-Maker

All those baggage fees added so far this year appear to be bringing in the big bucks for U.S. airlines. A new report found that airlines brought in nearly $1 billion last quarter by charging customers for hauling their belongings. 342 more words

Airline baggage fee earnings soaring

NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — It’s hard to escape paying a fee for a checked bag these days, and it’s starting to add up — to nearly $1 billion. 115 more words


A Travelling We Go

When did it become my responsibility to pack for EVERYONE when we travel? At what point was Executive Director in Charge of Packing, added to my title? 574 more words

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How To Get Away With Just A Carry-On

Perhaps one of the most daunting tasks of traveling is the packing process. After all, there are so many factors to consider. Personally, I prefer to travel with a carry-on; not only do they save me time from waiting in baggage claim but they also save me money from paying astronomical checked baggage fees. 590 more words


Oil prices are dropping, but airfare keeps rising

NEW YORK — Planes are full. Passengers clamor for amenities. Investors want a payout. New planes are on order.

Those are all reasons the airlines likely won’t be passing their recent savings on fuel along to fliers in the form of lower fares. 669 more words


WestJet to offer lower airfares for 'some' economy fliers

WestJet said Tuesday it plans to lower airfares on select economy-class tickets as its redirects a portion of the money being collected from new baggage fees toward more competitive prices. 511 more words


UPDATE: VIA Rail increases carry-on baggage allowance

Editor’s note: A previous version of this story erroneously stated that the $30 fee would be put in place on Oct. 30. VIA rail confirmed on Tuesday that the fee has been in place for a year. 168 more words