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Great Scot!!! This is the Day??????

I hope I did not offend too many Scots with my Haggis remarks in yesterday’s blog, and I ‘m mean no offence today when I tell you I like Black pudding about as much as Haggis. 188 more words


"Scotland the Brave"

Today is election day in Scotland. All the rallies, speeches, and persuasive  blog posts are over. It is up to each Scottish voter today to vote  her/him conscience as to  what is best for Scotland now and in the future. 85 more words

Jack Lee Recital & SG Jnrs.

Whilst over for the Glenfiddich Championship top piper Jack Lee has agreed to give a recital in Edinburgh at the Scots Guards Association Club in Haymarket before returning home to Canada. 326 more words


City of Brechin Juv. Contest

The draw for the piping and drumming competition this Sat., Sept 20th, is:
EVENT 1 CHANTER starts 9:00 575 more words


King Richard's Faire (Part III): Bagpipers and Bellydancers

From the RenFest: This little boy was enjoying the heck out of the bagpipers, Hrafn Irish, and both the bagpiper and the drummer came over to say hi.   144 more words


There's None More Scot than the Scots Abroad

I was raised to be a Scot even though I’ve never once stepped foot on the old sod. This is a direct result of life under the dual Dowager Empresses of of my family’s matriarchy. 253 more words


Music Monday " Flower of Scotland " Lone Bagpiper

Today, one of the most recognizable symbols of Scotland is the bagpipes.It’s history may go back to  Roman times. In the Battle of Culloden in 1746, it  was named an instrument of war when the British general said, 177 more words