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every little village needs a proper little deli. the type that stocks all the gourmet food and wine we imagine we might need. the type that has an array of breads and baguettes to choose from, where we’ll ‘um’ and ‘ah’ as we try to make up our minds. 322 more words


Homemade Baguette

Just so there is no confusion, I have a long standing, complicated relationship with Carbohydrates. Don’t get me wrong, there is true love there. We just have our differences at times. 446 more words


Avanti, Italia!

For the past couple of years, Italy has been reclaiming its position in Fashion, partially lost to New York and London. First was the Fendi’s Baguette comeback, then the Dolce & Gabbana rebranding. 164 more words


The Staple on a French Table


To me at this moment, the most simple of all breads, in my humble opinion is the platonic French baguette. Why would I say so? 1,556 more words


Pardon my French(ness)

Believe it or not, this is not how I dress everyday. Actually, I never dress like that and I can assure you almost nobody in France wears a béret anymore. 203 more words


The heavenly smell of bread

Hey guys!! So I’m sure I’m not the only one who knows what I mean when I say that the smell of bread is one of the most heavenly smells on earth? 677 more words


Fig Toasts with Honey Drizzle

Lately, I’ve been eating figs. Lots and lots of figs.

Figs with oatmeal and yogurt for breakfast, figs infused into vodka (oh yeah, that’s comin’ at ya soon), and figs on toast drizzled with honey. 423 more words