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Quinoa Poolish Baguettes for #BreadBakers

A few weeks ago on Twitter I came across a link from Karen at Karen’s Kitchen Stories that was posted with the hashtag #BreadBakers. After some more clicking I found out it was not just a random hashtag but an organized group of bakers who (virtually) came together each month to make and share recipes around an ingredient or theme.   1,189 more words


A Baguette Sandwich - a great meal for lunch or supper

This “sandwich” really has no set recipe to follow, although I did come across a recipe for it in Dr. Oetker’s German Cooking Today cookbook.  A few years ago, I found the recipe for it and thought what a great idea!  138 more words

How To

Whipped Feta and Arugula Crostini

Oh hey, it’s Fiesta Friday again!  Oh anndd Stephanie @ The Cozy Cook and I are co-hosting again!  Neat.  Shocking that Angie @ The Novice Gardener… 708 more words


Sharing Crepes with Strangers

I begin reporting from my Paris kitchen. My meals here are usually not so glamourous. Contrary to what some culinary thoughts of Paris might evoke, many of my meals here include cold prepared foods, eggs, pasta, or anything else the hotplate might allow for in my studio. 256 more words


French vocabulary 101 (related mainly to bread)

pain – bread // beurre – butter

sucre – sugar // farine – flour

café – coffee // espresso -espresso… 464 more words

A day in Montmartre

I’ve been holed up in my new apartment for the last few days with a nasty head cold. Why is it that as soon as the weather changes my entire body decides to do a quick turn from healthy, happy human to snotty mucus monster. 212 more words


How To Be Parisian (About the Paris Dream)

There’s just something about the rustic looking rooftops of the city, the delicate taste of macarons, and baguettes that have my soul craving for Parisian air. 120 more words