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Baguettes - attempt 2

Sorry yet again for the long pause in posts… This time I have a happy excuse though – I’ve been on holiday! Despite not keeping up to date with this blog, I have been bread-making, so I have lots to tell you about. 132 more words


Scandinavian Kitchen's Swedish Meatball Baguette

Another world-class photo from me.  The smudgy pink fingerprints really set it off, don’t you think? I could lay the blame at a number of doors, but it’s just that I’m not very good. 389 more words

John Lewis' 150 Years Ham and Cheese Sandwich

Everybody’s favourite department store is currently celebrating 150 years since the opening of its flagship Oxford Circus store in 1864.  I often wonder what life would be like without… 411 more words

Workshop Coffee's Hummus, Harissa and Roasted Red Peppers Baguette

There’s a lot of good coffee in Fitzrovia right now.  Gone are the days of the terrible freeze-dried stuff they provide at my office, or the overpriced chains where they burn the beans and scorch the milk (shudder).   381 more words

Good Food Fast with Taste Inc

Taste Inc only launched last year in 2013 but you may have seen many of their tasty snacks around your local Morrisons and maybe even considered giving them a try. 540 more words


I can't believe we missed it.

Hey friends!

Made it back to the US Thursday afternoon and American soil has never looked so…foreign. Super glad to be back in the states, but holy smokes, it is definitely a culture shock to come back home! 525 more words