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F**k You

Yeah. Quite rude that. But FUCK YOU. Not you, but him. The creature that lives in my house. Sometimes pretends he’s my boyfriend. Pretends he loves me. 359 more words


Bedford, TX Bail Bonds Can Provide Immediate Release after an Arrest

Nonetheless, bail is still often a considerable amount which may be hard to raise in a short period of time. To avoid having to stay in jail longer than necessary, you can seek the help of Bedford, TX bail bonds agents. 77 more words

Trust Licensed Keller Bail Bonds Agents to Help Get You Out of Jail

You can get arrested in Keller and any other city in Texas for a number of reasons, even for traffic violations. When this happens, getting yourself, or a friend or relative, out of jail after the arrest is often an urgent need. 74 more words

Seek Fort Worth, TX Bail Bonds to Get Loved Ones Out of Jail Fast

Generally, a person who has been arrested does not need to wait for an arraignment before posting bail. Bail can posted at the jail house, using a standard schedule. 121 more words

Dateline Delay and Bail Hearing.....

Ok, so I probably should have posted this before today, but the Dateline episode is delayed until further notice.  They want to give it the best possible exposure to really get a wide reach for my story and I know in my media market, there was an NFL game on CBS, the Phillies game was on NBC until 10pm, so if the game ran late or my story was the 9pm story instead of the 10 pm story, it wouldn’t have even been viewable in my own media market.     338 more words


What You Should Know about Bail Bonds in Hurst, TX: On Arrest and Bail

There are mainly two ways that a person can post bail. First, the accused can pay the bonds outright, using his own money or that borrowed from family members. 76 more words

Bail Bonds in Arlington, TX: What to Do When Arrested on DWI Charges

There will be times when the judge will set bail at a price you cannot afford. In such cases, you will have to post bond, a process where a bail bond company will pay for most of your bail for you. 66 more words