"Be The Smarter Bush Brother, Jeb; Don’t Run!": Why Would A Guy Running For President Create A Brand Spanking New Bain Capital?

So Jeb is running. Or is he? And he’s really formidable! Or… is he?

I can’t remember in my adult lifetime a presidential candidate quite like Jeb Bush. 984 more words


"The Importance Of Self-Awareness In Presidential Politics": The Quiet Republican Argument Over Their Vast Private-Equity Wealth

As a rule, I don’t have much use for the speculation as to who may or may not run in the 2016 presidential race. We’ll find out soon enough, and until then, everything else is speculative and based on rumor. 421 more words


Illinois peeps, check out - Lessons for Private Equity Learned From the Last Merger Frenzy

Private equity firms have been largely sitting on the sidelines of the current acquisition frenzy.. via NYT Business Day http://ift.tt/1IAMuZZ


Amit Chandra's Five

Amit Chandra is Managing Director of Bain Capital Advisors (India) since early 2008. He has previously spent over 13 years at DSP Merrill Lynch, a leading investment bank in India, from where he retired in 2007 as its Board Member & Managing Director. 253 more words

What Do Managers Read?

Virgin is entering the cruise business

Billionaire Richard Branson is officially inserting himself into another sector of the travel industry. Virgin Group, Branson’s investment arm, announced its entry into the cruise business… 318 more words

Exclusive: Ex-Bain Capital exec scraps plans for new fund

Former Bain Capital executive Andrew Balson has “hit pause” on his plans to create a new private equity firm, Fortune has learned.

Balson had left Bain… 167 more words


Romney tried to Hijack Democracy

Looking for the clues that we’re living in a Democracy, just got a little more exciting. Case in point, Mitt Romney is on the campaign trail trying to hijack Democracy. 238 more words

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