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"Kadavu Statement by Brigadier General Tikoitoga" Letter to Editor, Fiji TImes and Fiji Sun, 9 April 2014.

Letter to Editor (The Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, Mr Ashwin Raj)
9 April 2014

Kadavu Statement by Brigadier General Tikoitoga

Dear Sir,

The Fiji public may have been initially reassured to read (Fiji Sun 6 April 2014) that Brigadier General Tikoitoga at his Kadavu celebrations, stated that “when elections come, we would support the democratically-elected government that comes into power”. 214 more words

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Bainimarama Regime presents Fiji’s electoral nightmare, Professor Wadan Narsey (30 March 2014)

Bainimarama Regime presents Fiji’s electoral nightmare

Professor Wadan Narsey (30 March 2014)

(with minor corrections in blue below)(31 March 2014)

The ELECTORAL DECREE 2014 (DECREE NO. 1,196 more words

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Ex Coup 4.5...... He has first hand experience with the thuggery of the illegal regime, being one of three NGO workers called to the barracks just after Bainimarama took over in 2006 and abused and beaten.

The game changer Fiji has been waiting for

Waqavonovono: youth president for SODELPA

Yet another visit by the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Group, albeit made more significant by the inclusion of Australia’s Julie Bishop, the RFMF supposedly ‘farewelling’ the illegal leader as he prepares to ‘step down’ as commander in chief, and the welcome news the country’s biggest legitimate political party has joined forces with an influential youth advocate. 1,900 more words

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Most interesting re: the 'game changer' referenced in this post is: the extension of the vote to the Fiji youth was introduced by the present military-helmed government. Hence, if this youth - of which the SODELPA Youth President is the most widely known in terms of media exposure - is able to challenge PM Bainimarama, they do so via a visibility and vocality constitutionalised by the government. Democracy? I think so.