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Black Bear Hunting - at Wawang Lake Resort

Working hard to provide active baits for each individual hunter is how we operate our hunts, and is what keeps our sportsmen coming back year after year. 602 more words


Wake up . . . Ferguson's on Fire

The American public, both black and white, has grown weary of the race baiting mainstream media. Americans have borne the blunt of an international opinion that the country is set up to deny black people opportunity, advancement, and equality with white society. 575 more words


426 Wolves Wiped Out in 2014 and It's Not Over...

Update: November 21, 2014

443 wolves killed 2014


 November 18, 2014

426 wolves have been wiped out since the beginning of 2014. Pups, alphas, whole packs, gone. 185 more words

Gray Wolf/canis Lupus

Things I've Been Accused of on Message Boards

Admiralbill frequently accused me of baiting him. That is, he accused me making posts designed to get him upset and react by responding to my post in an angry manner. 494 more words


The Power of Narration, Music, and Suspense in Storytelling

I really did enjoy This American Life: Superpowers!, even if the “nonchalant” style of narration in some sections was slightly off-putting. I initially balked at the idea of listening to an hour-long podcast, but I turned out to be pleasantly surprised by the episode. 625 more words