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Growing up in the fifties/sixties a common expression in those good old days before the general availability of reliable contraception, and the consequences to a woman of intercourse could be a life-destroying baby, was the term “c**k teaser”. 1,321 more words

Control Tactics Employed by Cluster B's: Part One

At the core of people suffering from Cluster B personality disorders is the need to CONTROL OTHERS. It’s sad how people who seem to have little control in their own behavior go to extreme lengths to control the people around them. 409 more words


Story Telling


Story has been happening for the longest periods of time. We all are story tellers. Whether we realize it or not. Start of with a big catchy phrase like, “It was a dark and stormy night, when the ghost of Hollow Springs cursed the whole town.” As an audience we like those big catchy phrases that keep our minds guessing as to what happens next. 164 more words

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It's A Wrap

For a lot of us in northern Ontario, December 15 is the end of the hunting season. Sure, there’s wolves, varmints and hare that can still be hunted, and even ruffed grouse, spruce grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and ptarmigan that can be taken in many areas, but over much of the north, the open season for deer and moose ends 1/2 hour after sunset on December 15. 848 more words


Bear Baits - Consistency is Important

Consistent Baiting and Timing is Important
We begin baiting two to three weeks prior to the hunters arrival as baiting is lucrative and can vary based on native food source availability, weather pattern and population.   613 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

Wawang Lake - Black Bear Outfitters

Black  Bear  are  known  predators  and  Ontario  has  the  largest  population of black bear than anywhere in the world. Furthermore, north-western Ontario leads in the concentration of these animals than elsewhere in Ontario, and, rates highest in population concentration  for all of Ontario that also allows for bating practices. 616 more words

Wawang Lake Resort

“He Did It To Himself,” Man Defends Decision To Chase Hunter Suspected of Deer Baiting

NORTHMORELAND TOWNSHIP – Lucas Davidson said he decided to share his side of the story about a wild start to rifle deer season after reading some criticism online. 238 more words