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Major Kira Nerys

My favorite character from the third Star Trek television series Deep Space Nine was the athletic, mercurial and devout Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor).

I no longer follow… 10 more words


ST: DS9: Season 1, Ep. 19: "Duet"

Capt. Jonathan:  Stardate: Sept. 8, 1966 [<--IT'S LYING]  As we were enjoying a romantic dinner, engaged in flirtatious banter and constant, preventative, dear-God-is-that-spaghetti-sauce? mouth wiping, a question came to mind: “Did you ever notice that there is a *lot* of war, genocide, and murder happening right now?”  “Yes,” Capt. 1,272 more words

Fan Fiction: First Contact

Before I start this fan fiction story, Paramount must be duly credited for owning the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe and the characters mentioned here, with the exception of the few that I made up. 695 more words

Deep Space Nine