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Star Fleet Corps of Engineers Mission to Bajor, Book Thee – Prophets Landing, Chapter Fifteen - Refurbish, relieved and a baby run.

Star Fleet Corps of Engineers – The Mission to Bajor
Book Thee – Prophets Landing
Chapter Fifteen – Refurbish, relieved and a baby run.
After my little repartee with Mona, I decided to avoid the new Base Service Club, except for needed business transactions. 4,106 more words

Fan Fiction Novel

Major Kira Nerys

My favorite character from the third Star Trek television series Deep Space Nine was the athletic, mercurial and devout Major Kira Nerys (Nana Visitor).

I no longer follow… 10 more words


ST: DS9: Season 1, Ep. 19: "Duet"

Capt. Jonathan:  Stardate: Sept. 8, 1966 [<--IT'S LYING]  As we were enjoying a romantic dinner, engaged in flirtatious banter and constant, preventative, dear-God-is-that-spaghetti-sauce? mouth wiping, a question came to mind: “Did you ever notice that there is a *lot* of war, genocide, and murder happening right now?”  “Yes,” Capt. 1,272 more words

Fan Fiction: First Contact

Before I start this fan fiction story, Paramount must be duly credited for owning the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine universe and the characters mentioned here, with the exception of the few that I made up. 695 more words

Deep Space Nine