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If there’s one thing I like more than a dance-off, it’s a bake-off.

After spending Saturday night in several dance-offs, there was no way I was missing the carb delights of Flour Market Easter Bake Sale. 234 more words


Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies with Lemon Icing

This recipe for sugar cookies is a staple in my home. It is a go to for every holiday, bake sale and family function. Today, I gave myself the task of concocting a tasty icing to compliment these sugary treats. 322 more words

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Vegan options at the Bake Sale!

I just wanted to write a really quick post to say how happy I was to see not one, but two vegan options at a charity bake sale where I work! 269 more words


It's not too good to be true!

This morning I posted on twitter the following:

Paul Klemm @PaulKlemm24 · 44m

When was the last time your fundraiser returned up to 20% with no cost to your organization? 55 more words

Bake Sale

Quest: Bonnie's Bake Sale Pt. 2

After you have completed the quest – Bonnie’s Bake Sale Pt. 1, Bonnie will have an exclamation bubble above her head.

When you tap on the exclamation bubble, Bonnie says:

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Bakeless Bake Sale

From May through July, we will again have our Bakeless Bake Sale. Contribute the cost of ingredients or the price of a baked good.

Here is a printable copy of the information below:  BAKELESS BAKE SALE 2014

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Ten Tips for a Successful Bake Sale

Over the past few years, Debra and I have organized several bake sales.  Along the way, we’ve discovered a few tips that help boost profit and make the sale run more smoothly.   746 more words