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SpiraLife Garden Harvest Banana Bread

By Chelsea Cohen and April Fifield

This recipe was created from a recipe for banana bread that I’ve been using my whole life. Tucked in a little baking splotch recipe book written in my mom’s flowing cursive handwriting, I’ve been baking her banana bread with her and now my own for literally decades! 254 more words


Coffee Cake Muffins

It took CH approximately 28+ years to figure out that: (1) a Coffee Crisp chocolate bars do, in fact, have coffee in them (at the time, he disliked coffee and this was shocking to him), (2) coffee cake does NOT, in fact, have coffee in it (previously, a deal breaker on the suspicion of coffee alone), (3) coffee isn’t so bad after all, and (4) coffee cake is delicious.   387 more words


Kitchen Tips Tuesday: Fixing Charred Baked Goods

We’ve all been there: the bottom of the cookies or cake have burnt while the rest of it is perfectly fine.

No worries! Use a box grater, or a microplane zester to gently shave off the charred part. 20 more words


Spiced banana, date and walnut loaf

It’s been quite some time between blog posts I must say. I’ve been a little on the busy side, to say the least, and sadly the first thing to drop out of my days is creativity in the kitchen. 564 more words

In The Kitchen

Cooking Harmony reblogged this on Cooking Harmony and commented:

This looks sooo yummy! Just Change the butter for margarine and you will have both gluten- and lactose free banana bread.

Pizza !

I love pizza. I seem to start off many of my posts like that…

Anyway, being from New Jersey, I’m spoiled by great pizza (and bagels). 877 more words

Baked Goods

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

Gluten Free Peanut Butter Cookies

2 cups creamy peanut butter (not the all-natural variety)
1 1/2 cups granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed light brown sugar… 131 more words


Buttery Lemony Pound Cake

Amidst my journey towards being wedding ready, I have cheat days. Well…pretty much everyday. I just can’t diet. I just can’t!

Although I do eat healthier, I still need a good dessert at the end of the day. 298 more words

Baked Goods