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Raspberry and cream cheese brioche

Decadent is the word I would use to describe this raspberry and cream cheese brioche.

What is a brioche? Definitively, it is full of eggs and butter resulting in a rich and tender… 358 more words


Coconut buns

These slightly sweet coconut milk infused buns are indelibly imprinted

on my tastebuds.

The science behind baking with yeast is quite incredible.  Just by mixing flour, salt, liquid… 240 more words


Celebrating Australia Day. Pavlova Roulade With Lemon Curd, Peaches, Raspberries And Coconut.

My lemon tree is bearing fruit this summer. Consistently. At last. Perhaps because in spite of my decidedly non green thumb I’ve remembered to water it. 582 more words

What I Love To Cook

The 1,1,1,1 cup coconut creation (Vegan, Dairy free)

Um, hi. I know it’s been too long since I last posted anything here but with my hectic christmas baking and non stop working to pay the rent, time has been a little more precious than usual. 549 more words


Baked Gluten-Free Mini Ring Doughnuts

I’ve been meaning to post this recipe for a long time, I think I may have even promised it to you before! I really sorry it’s taken so long. 379 more words


Very Berry Empanadas!

Anything and everything wrapped as an empanadas will certainly peek my interest. I often make a savory filling, but today called for sweet dark cherries, blue & black berries, raspberry and a little cinnamon. 75 more words


Mac n' Cheese Recipe Penn State Style

Alright guys it’s time for another recipe from the arsenal. An essential piece of this recipe that I have is Penn State Sharp Cheddar. It is absolutely incredible. 222 more words