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Pease Pods of Puff Paste (or small fruit pies in disguise)

Even in cooking, appearances can be deceiving. Following a long tradition of performative food preparation from the ancient world through Tudor banqueting, early modern cooks sometime playfully disguised food as other food. 550 more words

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Marissa Nicosia at Cooking in the Archives has another fun recipe for the summer. "Pease Pods of Puff Paste" would be a great way to serve fresh fruit during the summer. Instead frying these puff pastries, Nicosia baked them in the oven. While I am sure that is far more healthy way prepare them, I have feeling that they would be pretty good fried in butter.

Tandoori Chicken Drumlets

“Chicken so tender

It melts right through,

With flavor & spices

Oh-so fool proof.

Baked or pan-fried

That’s your call,

But the taste takes you back… 344 more words


Best reviews of Hard Candy Mod Quad Baked Eye Shadow 721 Smoke & Mirrors

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Hard Candy Mod Quad Baked Eye Shadow 721 Smoke & Mirrors…

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Hard Candy Mod Quad Baked Eye Shadow 721 Smoke & Mirrors… 14 more words

Zucchini Bread Muffins from the grill

…or what to do with the overload of zucchini on those hot days of summer

I tell you, if you don’t watch your garden 24 hours a day, you are bound to have a few zucchini slip past  and they end up looking more like baseball bats. 543 more words


Eighty Twenty: 80--- Baked Tempura Vegetables

Eighty Twenty: 80— Baked Tempura Vegetables.

And heres some baked veggie tempura to go with that vegetarian tempura dipping sauce! Tempura is traditionally fried, so if you want the full flavor experience go for that.  14 more words


Zucchini Tots

Dear Kaki,

This is just a post to say that it’s summer and zucchini as big as your arm are everywhere and you should whip up these tots and eat them with chopsticks and dip them in ketchup. 467 more words


Baked Crunchy Cheetos•

I am such a child. Cause I love Cheetos. Loved Cheetos as a kid and still do. But I came across “baked Cheetos” which has a lower sodium level compared to the previous brand. 136 more words

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