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Billy's Bakery...

Cupcake HEAVEN!!! I will admit that upon entry to NYC I made it a priority to get back to Magnolia Bakery and eat some delicious cupcakes. 109 more words

Eat: Bakerbots Baking

Another hot day calls for ice cream sandwich!! Which lead me to Bakerbots Baking, the older sibling of Bang Bang Ice Cream.

Focusing more the baking side of things, the selections for ice cream sandwiches are limited than Bang Bang’s but nonetheless, this little bakery does not underwhelm with the selection of baked goods (they also offer gluten-free… 179 more words


Learn Secret Recipes

In the Bakery, not all recipes are readily available.  Certain ones (usually the best ones) take a little work, like the two below.

Before you can make either of these products in the Bakery, you first have to barter for the recipe.   52 more words


Visit: Oriental Bakery

It’s hard to say if Asian style bakeries are even on the radar of the average Coast local, but for some folk, they are an absolute staple. 239 more words


// Tai Cheong Bakery (泰昌餅家) Hong Kong ::: Egg Tart //

The first and last thing I do when I make a trip to HK is to eat an egg tart from Tai Cheong Bakery when I arrive and pack some home when I depart (even when I am already lugging a 24kg baggage, I am not deterred!). 267 more words


Door Door Bakery in Hong Kong

Called 多多 (duo duo) in mandarin/cantonese, Door Door is probably a literal translation from cantonese which means plentiful or bountiful. The homegrown bakery has been around since 1975 and specialises in nougat that comes in an interesting assortment of… 373 more words


PARIS: Let's Get Soaking Wet

Every day, I say that we must get started earlier, but we never do. I don’t know why I bother trying. I’m not a morning person and I never will be. 1,054 more words