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Dulce de leche brownies

I honestly can’t believe I haven’t shared the recipe for these beauties on here yet. It’s the recipe I get asked for the most. I used to bake these quite often when I was at uni (much to my housemates’ delight!) They’re full of sugar, they’re super bad for you and I LOVE them (especially served warm with vanilla ice cream…*drools*) Perfectly sticky in the middle and with a crisp top, these brownies are irresistible! 89 more words


Cheese soda bread

Bread is not normally my most natural bake but this recipe in the latest Country Living (November 2014) sounded yummy so I thought I’d give it a go. 215 more words


Gluten Free Blackberry Muffins

I baked these muffins as part of my clean and lean regimen. The blackberries were freshly picked from the woods near my house! As I wanted gluten free muffins I had to substitute flour for almond flour (ground almonds) and it worked really well with the blackberries. 115 more words


Pain aux cereales - Thermomix

This recipe appeared on The vorwerk October newsletter. I thought I'd give it a try party because the method was unusual and the ingredients included barley malt extract, which I had never used before. 295 more words


Clean and Lean Baking

I have been trying to eat healthily and clean recently but one area I knew I would struggle with is craving home-baked goods. Luckily there are recipes out there which can satisfy this craving but in a healthy way. 73 more words


Good ol' English

Orange and raisin paired together in my eyes are the ultimate taste of autumn.

Today I decided to make something very different to which I usually would; a nice old fashioned teacake. 213 more words