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50/50 Sandwich Bread (Guest Post)

I love sandwiches and toast—they are the perfect compact foods. Since renouncing store bought bread because I was learning to bake for myself, I haven’t been able to eat sandwiches or toast at all; I just wasn’t good at making tall, airy loaves of sandwich bread. 1,572 more words


GF Fruit and Nut Cereal Bars

Oats can be a little iffy for some people with coeliac disease, but if you gradually add them back into your diet again, hopefully you should be ok! 213 more words


Stuff from around the web vol...um...idk

It’s not a Sunday, I was stuffing my face with choclit this weekend so ya know, I DID have an excuse for not doing it then! 170 more words


The art of the tart.

I have been unemployed for just under three weeks and I am already going out of my mind with boredom. I’ve finally mastered the art of keeping normal waking hours without a contracted start time to keep me in check, but that just gives me more time to be bored in. 695 more words


Rosette Covered Cannoli Cake

A while back I picked up a five-layer cake pan set at Sur La Table- I saw it one of their catalogs which also included a coupon so it was destined to be. 582 more words


Cinnamon and Apple Turnover

On a recent trip to Amsterdam with my friend Amy, (as eventful as it was, I’m very much aware that a lot of my family read my blog and so details shan’t be revealed) we sampled space cake and found ourselves in Artis Royal Zoo. 789 more words


VCC- Vegan Carrot Cake.

This is what we baked for our Easter. Vegan Carrot Cake. I got this recipe from polish website what was sent to me by my friend from Poland. 165 more words

Vegetarian Dishes.