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nocturnal baking

In approximately 35 minutes I will be pulling a loaf of ice cream bread out of the oven, Lord willing and the creek don’t rise. There is a mug of steaming chamomile tea nearby and The Jam is singing “That’s Entertainment” through the tinny speakers on my laptop. 755 more words


Easter Hot Cross Bun Goodness

It’s Easter Friday, a perfect day for baking Hot Cross buns. Until last year I’d never really tried to make hot cross buns, thinking that they were a little too time consuming and hard work – with a high chance of them not working out. 172 more words


Baked Jennie - O Whole Turkey Breast w/ Cut Green Beans and New Potatoes,...

Today’s Menu: Baked Jennie – O Whole Turkey Breast w/ Cut Green Beans and New Potatoes, Mini ears of Sweet Corn, and Whole Grain Bread… 583 more words


Easter Bunny Biscuits..

Getting ready for the Easter weekend I made a batch of shortbread bunnies. I’ve had this cookie cutter for a while now but have only just got around to using it. 127 more words


"You owe me one."

That’s what chef said to me last night as he was assigning out recipes for the evening. I was ready to volunteer to make anything… 1,028 more words


Baking with kids....oh the floury mess!

So, I decided to enlist the help of my little people to help me bake a cake for a colleague at work……

This seemed like a good idea at the time, but the aftermath (and resulting cake) would’ve made Mary Berry’s bottom soggy and Hollywood would’ve looked at me in disgust with this piercing blue eyes! 208 more words


Chocolatey Chocolate Cupcakes.

As a Brit I spend half my baking time trying to convert cups into anything I can work with. In this instance I may have calculated slightly wrong and as a result ended up with over 70 cupcakes. 502 more words