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Bitches Love Sparks

Cuz they do.

Before you read any further, I feel it pertinent to warn you.  This may sting a little.  I’m in no way publishing this post to upset, hurt, offend, or embarrass anyone.   734 more words

Rhubarb Pudding Cake

We had a bumper crop of rhubarb this year and I had about a half kilo of rhubarb to use.

I had already made a compote and it was lovely, but I wanted something more. 390 more words


Coffee for one, please

Living with others, but cooking for yourself is a bit of a challenge: I’m an avid baker but sadly my housemates seem to have an aversion to cake (seriously don’t know why) and I’m left munching through slices of moist sponge and buttercream on my own. 295 more words

Claire's Coffee Traybake

I’ve known my friend Claire for over half my lifetime (quite a few years then!), and she’s a very experienced baker and cake maker. In fact, Claire makes cakes for lots of people and events. 525 more words


Muffin Mania Part II

My ex bf used to call me the “muffin man”, I know, how sexy! LOL but seriously, I just love making muffins. I think they are so easy and filling. 445 more words


Sweet-lime Cake

I made this cake for my little nephew’s birthday. This cake is moist, tangy, with a royal orangy colour. Its an orange-lover’s delight.
Its a wonderfully damp, dense, aromatic and flourless cake and tastes even better after 2-3 days. 350 more words


Vegan Currant Pancakes

First in a new series as I repurpose this website. Sorry I didn’t take pictures because I was too busy eating. I will save my rant about picture-heavy food blogs for some other time. 562 more words