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What do you think is relaxing to every single human being?


You all can imagine yourself lying down observing the clouds. Just seeing them pass, with no worries or attempts to change them, who would try to stop a cloud? 62 more words


Art Work Life Balance Money Saving Expert

Art Work Life Balance Money should be spent wisely, imagine you have been given £10, think about what you would spend it on, if you had to spend it on improving your art work life what would you do with it? 80 more words


Balance test, MRI and sound booth

Today, I had my second appointment. My grandma also came with me.

The balance test was not as horrible as I thought it would be, actually I just had fun most of the time. 933 more words

Archangel Jophiel #1

Indeed, I am Archangel Jophiel, here now to help you spread love and cheer throughout your life.

You have been opening up your heart to more love, which leads to more balanced relationships. 173 more words



I can stand on one foot! Holy Hell!!! I can stand on one foot!

Now that might not seem like much, but balance has always… 226 more words

Fight On

Take Time To Prepare

Luck favors those who prepared.  Heard that saying?  It is so true.  Often we say, wow that person is so lucky.  What we don’t see is the preparation that gone into the effort. 120 more words

Daily Writing

Drink the poison.

Drink the posion.

Do it.

Put it to you lips.

Smell it, if you’d like.

Can you smell the toxic mixture?

Does it smell sweet? 68 more words

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