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The hissing of the crickets. The whooshing of the leaves. The light from the post. The damp street. The cold night air. The whole essence of being there. 475 more words

The Avenue

It's a big job but it can be done

Tucked away for the past 30 years is a letter my high school English teacher, Mrs. Esther Grosvenor, sent to me after I graduated. On a daily basis, I rarely remember of the letter’s existence. 544 more words

Thoughts For Living

The Legend of Korra – The Calling

Definitely some spoilers in this recap and review.

In the fourth episode this season, Tenzin’s kids get to take the lead as they head out on their own to find the Avatar. 448 more words

Lorenzo Phan

It’s Not About the Ego

As a large public intervention is taking place over Jian Ghomeshi in social media, the press, and behind closed doors, many of us are having discussions with others and internal dialogues about sexuality, power, prestige, harassment, addictions, fame, and of course the big nasty Ego. 486 more words


Get Your Spook On

Heaven has been defined in terms of kettle corn and peanut M&Ms. Thanks to our office’s Halloween party, and the modest appetite of the majority of my coworkers, I will be going home with more candy than a girl can dream of. 281 more words

Priorities and balance in the chaos!

So…I’m a kind of juggler, from my last post you may have gathered I put a lot on my plate, and keep the commitments up for a while, but life, kids, work, and crises sometimes get in the way! 96 more words


Un-learning and horse training

So much of good horse training is about un-learning.

What do I mean by that?
In life, we learn that if pushing doesn’t work, you should push harder. 677 more words