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About standing up for your decisions, your life.

If you shall ask, I don’t own all the right tools but I do have the willingness to fight. I might not have all the confidence but I do lack the fear of failure. 137 more words

My Own Little World

A writer has the luxury of creating their own reality to play in.

If you like mine, check the Market Place page to find how to explore it further.   368 more words

Fantasy Writing

One hand at a time


The word authentic comes from the Greek, authentes, which means bearing the mark of the hands. Doing small things with love is how we care for each other, one hand at a time. 64 more words


The universe really does like a balance

So the other day, I took a survey online, and, for just the cost of shipping, I could get a free watch. I looked at it and it looked decent enough for me. 147 more words

On the road again...

The month of October is turning into a logistical nightmare.  Our Diocesan Clergy Conference is generally held in late September, but because of the Guest Speaker’s availability, it was changed to the end of October.   178 more words


Sacred Geometry

When it comes to sacred geometry, I never quite got the meaning of it until I realised that this concept of geometry as an energy can be best explained by liking it to water. 418 more words


The best project you can ever work on.

Doing personality tests, for me, is of course a way of confirmation to some of my feelings and habits, but it’s also a way to remind myself of who I am. 823 more words