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Let's Talk - About Mental Wellness In The Medical Profession

This time last year I did a post called Let’s Talk, it was inspired by Bell Canada’s Let’s Talk Day. Let’s Talk Day 2015 was on January 29, it is a day intended to end stigma and promote awareness and acceptance around mental illness in our communities. 992 more words

Medical School

January 31, 2015

I think Switchfoot has become the soundtrack to my writing. I’m always in the mood to write when I’m listening to them and somehow all the thoughts in my head become clear to me. 549 more words

The Equilibrium of Life

Equilibrium – a state in which opposing forces of influences are balanced.

In economics, physics and chemistry the term equilibrium is used to define balance – a system in which competing influences are balanced. 266 more words



Hey heart wall – Some days I feel so overwhelmed I just want to curl up in a ball in the corner. I sometimes imagine a stop sign to help me just to stop and gain control over stuff. 69 more words

So Frustrated...

She wasn’t just eye candy-sweet and sexy for the eyes causing hormones to go wild and body parts to harden. But she was also soul food nourishment for the entire spirit causing the mind to go wild with freedom and happiness, the soul to strengthen, and the heart to soften.

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Same Same, Unless... Change!

In his book ‘Simplify’ Bill Hybels discusses how our scheduling can drastically alter the direction of our lives. Putting ‘Home’, ‘Write’ and ‘Alpha’ in our diaries can change our relationships, shift our careers and alter our destinies. 284 more words


Update 1/30/2015 (evening)

How my Master made me feel today
Today Master made me feel very compassionate and understanding. W/we had quite an argument which basically came down to me wanting to do something, and Him not wanting me to do it. 515 more words

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