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28th Amendment, Anyone?

I suppose it’s a good sign of a lively political debate happening in this country.  Multiple groups are currently working to call a constitutional convention, as set out in Article V of the Constitution.  519 more words

34 States Call for Constitutional Convention — and Possible Rewrite


Friday, 11 Apr 2014 04:57 PM

By Andrea Billups

Even with Michigan recently becoming the 34th state to call for a Constitutional Convention, it’s not at all certain that a rewrite of the nation’s founding document is close at hand. 1,010 more words


Florida Senate Calls for Convention of States to Confront Federal Government

The Florida Senate has passed a resolution that calls for an Article V convention of states. According to early reports, the motion passed by a voice vote, due to the overwhelming support for the resolution. 558 more words

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Article V Convention of the States Gaining Steam

Are there enough states to call an Article V convention? When Chad Pergram, a journalist who covers Congress for Fox News, tweeted on April 1st that Rep. 792 more words

Article V

Constitutional Convention?

Folks asking for a Constitutional Convention need to consider what happened the last time we “amended” our national governing document in 1787: we threw it out and started over. 80 more words


1 State To End Citizens United

There are 2 scenarios to end Citizens United.  Both require only 1 state.

The Move To Amend version of a Constitutional Amendment has been passed in 16 states and could reach 34 in 2 years.  247 more words


Balanced Budget Amendment Folly

There are plenty of amendments that a convention of the states might propose and forward to the states for ratification, but the balanced budget amendment is the only one that is about to pass the application threshold. 513 more words

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