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Official US National Debt Passes $18 Trillion

   By Bob Shapiro

The Official US National Debt (that’s NOT including either Agency Debt or Unfunded Liabilities) just passed the $18 Trillion mark. If every American (including babies and 100-year olds) were working and earning the average US wage, that $18 Trillion would come out to about 2600 hours worth of debt – EACH!. 515 more words

Monetary Policy

Junk Mail From Concord

By George P. Brockway, originally published November 7, 1994

I’M ON A NEW mailing list, and I suppose you are too. The soliciting organization calls itself… 1,917 more words

The Dismal Science

Pay Off the National Debt

   By Bob Shapiro

Our leaders in Congress and the White House have been spending, and promising future spending, way beyond our country’s means for generations. Taken together, our overspending, plus off budget agency debt, and plus the current value of unfunded liabilities for entitlement programs is around $225 Trillion. 665 more words

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