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The missing blogger

It’s been three weeks since I blogged and I’m going through withdraw.

Honest to goodness withdraw pains.

I have felt a real longing in my heart to be staring at the WordPress screen and writing something. 734 more words


Urban Gardens in High-Rises are Environmentally Beautiful

High-rise urban living and garden seem to not work well together, but they can. In fact, this brilliant idea is not a new concept yet unpopular to condo dwellers. 54 more words


Pesto Pasta with Asparagus and Sun Dried Tomatoes

This is a quick and healthy dinner recipe. How glorious does this look– you know you want some!

What you need:


Do you Realize how Valuable You are to God?

Do you realize how valuable you are to God? A person who doesn’t know their value will tend to worry. They will find it difficult to roll their cares and concerns on to God, and fully trust Him for every thing. 320 more words

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I confess I struggle with the sin of worry. Introverted, tending towards negativity both inherent and experiential, I confess, I repent, and I thank God for His patience and love. I will "fear not" today (as there are 365 "fear not" passes in Scripture. May you, too, be encouraged by Fran's words.


When does harmonious living begin?   It begins when we decide to live harmoniously. 

Harmonious living starts the moment we stop labeling and looking for differences. It begins when we decide to be happy and not depend on this or that to make us happy. 82 more words


Healthy Black Bean Brownies

Even when things get busy, I find time to do things that make me happy. That includes making scrumptious and healthy brownie bites. They’re so healthy, I’d even say eat them for breakfast and pre or post-workout for a dose of protein and energy. 213 more words

Spiritual Cupcake

More - or less - than meets the eye

It’s a good thing my income does not depend on my writing; there has been too little of it lately. And yet, as I read and think and write, I know – despite lulls or dry spells – that I just have to keep doing it. 649 more words

Balanced Living