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We've All Been There...

It’s almost 2 AM. You’ve finished that last bit of homework and you’ve just stepped into the shower. You’re halfway through shampooing your hair and suddenly, you’re reminded of the homework you forgot to do (such as these blogposts). 599 more words


Pumpkin Patch

Heading to the pumpkin patch seems to be what everyone does come Fall.  I will admit I am one of them and typically enjoy every minute of it.   847 more words

Trusting in the Moment

I’m great on trusting God with the big picture.  But not so much with the little things of life.  In this moment, I’m in a huge transition of life.   753 more words

Balancing Life

Feed Your Soul Before Your Goal

He wore stress on his face, and burning the candle at both ends was taking its toll.  There were deadlines and lists and bottom lines, and the daily grind was sucking the life out of him and his goal.   455 more words

31 Days To Stay Motivated!

If I Go to Bed Early, Assume I'm Sick or Dying

It’s the nights where I’m still doing homework past midnight (which is almost every night) when I really question why I do this to myself. I think the reason I do this, is because A) I’m still trying to figure out how to balance everything, and B) I feel like daytime is reserved for being social because that’s when everyone else is most active. 237 more words


The Benefits of an Active Mind

If you can determine from browsing my blog, I have a variety of interests. I love inspiration, positivity, life, relationships, recovery, photography, entrepreneurs, feminism, opinions, eduction, travel, family and the list goes on (just give me time to get my thoughts together to write about it). 485 more words


Use Distractions to Fuel Your Actions

The early morning hours brought no relief as I gathered the group outside on the ropes course  for a team building session   The air was heavy and muggy, and the gnats swarmed in clouds, creating a mass of swatting among the group.   592 more words

31 Days To Stay Motivated!