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MY 24/7 BDSM Relationship… Out of the closet or hidden in the cellar neither is easy

Step on over to society’s dark side in the spotlight……….. Accept yourself, your partner and have a deeper emotional connection than you thought possible .Find and lose yourself at the same time. 774 more words



Today was a good day. Whilst many people were probably off enjoying the fresh snow (Yes, since my last post we have had some snowfall. Rain too…) this morning I taught a man who was back on skis for the first time in 15 years and this afternoon two total beginners for their “Première Glisse” lesson. 669 more words

Balancing Life

♦Welcome to the Circus♦

And for her next juggling act, the great Lindsay will juggle a full time job and being a full time student…

I have to admit, my mind has been on the brink of explosion lately.   630 more words


Gratitude Attitude

1.) My first RSVP for the wedding! Hay!
2.) Get to pick up the elliptical today!
3.) Dinner with friends
4.) Brewery tours
5.) Reading a great book, “The Help” 25 more words

Daily Disconnections

A child walks through an art museum, his still-maturing hands gripping some sort of digital device. He shuffles his way through the halls. His head low. 610 more words

On Life

Going public

Expression and vulnerability is really important to me but it’s also sacred.

I’m considering putting my name where I type. You know, instead of signing everything “A”. 453 more words

Balancing Life