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Changing the Bedding – 4/13/14

Happy 12th birthday, dear daughter, Cara Elizabeth Lucas. It’s a birthday cake treat to watch you grow so sweetly over the years.  You were always an active and easy-going child who made the best of your waking hours.   659 more words

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Pride Comes Before the Fall

Our last Wednesday evening Bible Study (yeah, here I go again – I swear my blog has gone all religious, when I said it wouldn’t…  But hey, God is all up in my face these days, and I’m digging it) we studied a passage that revolved around PRIDE.*  Specifically, about a king who had everything, yet still assumed more in areas he had no right to, eventually leading to his demise and poor legacy at the end.   413 more words


Trying To Find Some Balance

Very few know the struggle right now that my family and I are going through. And trying to maintain some sense of balance within myself has been hard the past two weeks.  189 more words


My Journey to Entrepreneurship

When I first new I wanted to become my own business owner I had to take the steps to achieve this goal. The first goal I set for myself is to attend college and finish with a degree. 113 more words

Writer Fatigue

I have spent 2 days wondering whether to blog about this or not. I didn’t want to appear that I was whinging, however maybe this article will be useful to you, I would be interested in hearing how you deal with such things yourself because this fatigue leaves you feeling pretty down about your writing and worthiness in the field. 496 more words


Hiatus for Health

Term 2 // Week 12

Hello, hello!

Yes, it’s been a long time since I’ve blogged. Art Center is as demanding as it is amazing – if not more demanding than that! 403 more words

When You Wish Upon a Star

It’s Spring and that means one thing around my house – baseball! With two boys playing ball, one in “Select” league, it also means that I’m lucky if I’m home two nights during the work week. 369 more words